Welcome to Year 5

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It has been a pleasure meeting many parents during the past few days. We would like to take this opportunity to formally welcome you to the Year 5 learning community at Discovery College. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the new Year 5 students and are all looking forward to a successful and enjoyable year ahead.

We would like to take this opportunity to communicate some key information to you regarding such things as homework, reading and our upcoming camp.


  • Year 5 students will be receiving their homework every Wednesday and will be expected to return it to school the following Wednesday. Homework will consist of maths practice and language or unit of inquiry work. At times, the homework will be project-based and students may be given two or three weeks to complete it.


  • Students will be choosing their own ‘home readers’ from the library or they may choose to read a book they already have at home. We hope they will be reading to or with an adult every night for at least 15 minutes which should be recorded in the diaries.


  • We will be going on camp to Cheung Chau Island from Wednesday 25 – Friday 27 October. It is expected that every student will attend camp as a crucial part of our learning programme. Further details on camp will follow in a few weeks.

Our first unit of inquiry,’Who we are’ explores the central idea, Role models reflect the values of individuals and communities. We will inquire into our own strengths and those of our role models and develop an action plan to help us learn and grow as international students.

In mathematics we will review and inquire into place value. The central idea, The value of numbers can change depending on their place within our base system, will lead our inquiry.

During language we will be inquiring into ‘what makes great readers and writers’. We will do this through exploring the elements of letter writing and poetry.


We hope to see you all at the primary parent information evening being held on Thursday 31 August. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us or pop in to see us should you need any further information.

Year 5 team