Our final units of inquiry for this school year!

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As we head into our final units of inquiry, Year 5 students will be investigating what it means to be a responsible consumer. Through a variety of trade games, we hope the students will learn that fair trade is important for everyone in our world, either in a local or global capacity. Through empathy, integrity and reflection we encourage students to be responsible and fair in the participation of trade.

As we investigate narrative writing we will be focusing on the writing trait of sentence fluency, the rhythm and flow of our word choices in sentences.

How probable is it that ……….?        These questions will need to be answered through words, fractions and games as the students look into the world of probability!


Transdisciplinary Theme:     How We Organise Ourselves


Central idea:  

  • Consumer responsibility impacts local and global trade


What lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea?

An inquiry into:

  • How trade works
  • Factors that influence trade
  • Our responsibilities as consumers 


Causation, Function, Responsibility


Related Concepts:

Demand, Resources, Consumption, Supply, Fair Trade


Learner Profile and Attitudes:


Principled, thinker, reflective


Integrity, cooperation, empathy



Ratio and probability


  • Identifies and describeschance in daily events
  • Represents probabilityusing fractions




Asking questions is at the heart of all learning. Readers and writers can use questions to clarify new ideas and discover/present new information

Oral LanguageSpeaking and Listening
Written LanguageReading and Writing
Visual LanguageViewing and Presenting