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Welcome to Year 4

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We hope that your children have had a happy and interesting start to the new school year. Our aim over the first couple of weeks is to ensure everyone gets to know each other, students are comfortable in their new classrooms, and that they are all enjoying themselves.

What are We Learning?

Unit 1

Theme: Sharing the Planet

Central Idea: Members of a Community work together to make it peaceful..

Lines of Inquiry: We are inquiring into:
– Causes and effects of conflict
– Ways people resolve conflict
– How to maintain a peaceful community


We will be reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction books as we begin our Year 4 Book Clubs.  The emphasis will be on enjoying books while being introduced to our main comprehension strategies.  We will also be writing a number of different pieces during the first part of the year.  In this time students will inquire into what makes a great writer and be completing lessons that focus on different writing features that they will make use of throughout the year.


Our first unit in mathematics is Place Value, followed by Addition and Subtraction. Students will be developing mental and written strategies to solve problems as well as working with manipulatives and playing games to sharpen their understanding of the number system. Below is a copy of our ‘I can’ statements for the students:

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Positive Detectives

This is a well being program that helps students to try and think more positively.   Some of the goals for the program are for students to:

  1. Connect positively with classmates, teachers and their school.
  2. Recognise and connect their intentional actions to their emotions and mood.
  3. Create a positive connection between school and home.
  4. Learn life lessons for resilience and happiness

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Contact Us

Please feel free to contact your class teacher if you have any concerns or questions.  We can be reached at:

Kris Stanhope –

Dan Macheski –

Lisa Wallace –

Anna Sherriff –


Don’t forget the Discovery College Parent Fair on Thursday18 August.  We will answer a lot more questions about the specifics of Year 4 then.  Hopefully we will see everyone there.