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End of Term 1

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It’s been a busy and exciting term in Year 4.  Students have already developed strategies for solving conflict and had the opportunity to try them out throughout the term.  They explored a range of  stories from a variety of cultures, inquiring into the traditions, beliefs and values that were being expressed.  Along with that they told a story through a medium of their choice.  Some chose to use drama and music, others dance or visual art.  Many decided on different forms of technology as a means to express themselves.

As well as all that, Year 4 have had the opportunity to complete their swimming unit, compete in an inter-school competition and go on camp for three days.  Lately students have also been reading non-fiction texts in their quest to become experts on the systems of the body; learning how to take notes, determine importance and develop research questions.

If you wondered why your children have been tired lately…the above paragraph will go some way to explain it.

We are so proud of the students for their hard work,  dedication  and smiling faces this term.  We are thankful for the extra effort in their learning tasks, and the positive attitude during group discussions.  For being so enthusiastic about learning, and for being kind to all their classmates.  But most of all we are thankful for them falling to sleep early on the second night of camp! 🙂

Over the holidays, please take the time to check your child’s diary for a list of any stationery items they may need to begin the new term.

We wish all of you a happy and safe holiday and look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Dan Macheski,   Tanya Surawski,  Kris Stanhope,  Lisa Wallace