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Whole Body Listening

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On Wednesday the year 4s got together as a whole group once again.  This time we looked at how listening can help with the ‘Talk it Out’ strategy.

Something teachers have noticed is that if students are attempting to ‘talk it out’ when solving a conflict, they tend not to actually listen very well to what the other person is saying.  So we have adopted a strategy called ‘Whole Body Listening’.  We will be using this language when discussing listening during conflict situations, and also listening while in the classroom.

whole body listening


Students then had an opportunity to practice their whole body listening.  One partner read from a script while the other listened, and then tried to state their understanding of what the partner said.   This was challenging and is something will continue to work on in class.

Here are some pics of us in action:

Year 4 Team Meeting

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This week the Year 4 team got together to discuss the great start to our year.  The teachers  got the opportunity to share what they’ve been most pleased with and there was a lot of talk of grit and determination in class, students who love to read, and year fours who have been taking responsibility for their belongings.

We also began talking about how to resolve conflict.  Mr. Boon had already been asking students about this very topic and created a video for us to watch.  Have a look:

After the video, students worked in groups to brainstorm even more ideas for resolving conflict.  These are some of the ideas that came up:


Have a look at some other photos from our assembly:

Welcome to Year 4

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Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 7.12.37 pm

We hope that your children have had a happy and interesting start to the new school year. Our aim over the first couple of weeks is to ensure everyone gets to know each other, students are comfortable in their new classrooms, and that they are all enjoying themselves.


What are We Learning?

Unit 1

Theme: Sharing the Planet

Central Idea: Individuals have responsibilities to find peaceful solutions to conflicts within communities.

Lines of Inquiry: We are inquiring into:
– Causes and effects of conflict
– Ways people resolve conflict
– The roles and responsibilities of community members to resolve conflicts


In language we will be writing recounts. This will include students orally recounting events as well as them reading a variety of recounts. Students will also take part in regular guided reading times and begin working with a spelling program.


Our first unit in mathematics is Place Value, and then Addition and Subtraction. Students will be developing mental and written strategies to solve problems as well as working with manipulatives and playing games to sharpen their understanding of the number system. Below is a copy of our ‘I can’ statements for the students:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 3.37.45 pm

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 3.37.27 pm

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact your class teacher if you have any concerns or questions.  We can be reached at:

Kris Stanhope –

Dan Macheski –

Lisa Wallace –

Tanya Surawski –


Don’t forget the Discovery College Parent Fair is also next Thursday 20 August.  We will answer a lot more questions about the specifics of year 4 then.  Hopefully we will see everyone there.