Year 4 homework is given out on a Friday and is due back in on the following Wednesday. Students will each have a homework book that they should endeavour to keep neat, tidy and well organised.

Students will be emailed their homework each week.  Parents can also check back here to find the homework sheets.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your classroom teacher.



Assigned: 1 September

Due: 6 September

1st Sept

Assigned: Thursday 7 September

Due: Wednesday 13 September

 7th Sept

Reasoned Rounding Recording Sheet NRICH (1)

9 Sided dice – http://dice.virtuworld.net/


Assigned: 15 September

Due: 20 September

15th Sept

Assigned: 22 Sep

Due: 27 Sep


22nd Sept

Stretching Sentences — HOMEWORK EXAMPLE

Assigned: 13 October

Due: 18 October

13th Oct

Assigned: Thursday 19 October

Due: Wednesday 25 October

19th OctAsi

Assigned: Friday 27 October

Due: Wednesday 1 November

27th October

Assigned: Friday 10 November

Due: Wednesday15 November

10th November

Assigned: Friday 17 November

Due: Wednesday 22 November

17th November

Assigned Friday 24 November

Due: Wednesday 29 November

24th November

Assigned: Friday 30 November

Due: Wednesday 6 December

1 December

Assigned: Friday 8 December

Due: Wednesday 13 December

8th December

Assigned: Friday 12 January

Due: Wednesday 17 January

12 January

Assigned: Friday 19 January

Due: Wednesday 24 January

19 January

Assigned: Friday 26 January

Due: Wednesday 31 January

Assigned: Friday 2 March

Due: Wednesday7 March

2nd of March 2018

Assigned: Friday 9 March

Due: Wednesday 14 March

9th of March 2018 (1)

Assigned: Friday 16 March

Due: Friday 21 MArch