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Our New Unit Has Begun

Posted by year4

After spending the last month exploring the different perspectives around migration we have moved on to our new unit of inquiry. In this unit the students will be trying to save the world! They will learn how to be inventors and then see if they can come up with ideas to solve some of the energy issues we are facing. The details are below:

Central Idea: People have ideas for inventions in response to energy issues

Lines of Inquiry:

We are inquiring into…

  1. How to be an inventor
  2. Forms and sources of energy
  3. Solving energy issues through invention

Unit of Inquiry

Students will be inquiring into the attributes required to be an inventor, learning a design process and applying those things to create inventions that can solve a variety of issues. They will also be learning about energy, including the forms of energy and the many renewable sources of energy. Part of this will be some hands-on work with circuits.


Students will be learning to write persuasively during this unit. The writing traits we will be most focused on are: Voice, Organisation, and Sentence Fluency.

The reading comprehension strategy we will work with the most is ‘Getting the Big Idea’. Students will need to continue monitoring their understanding and listening to their inner voice when they read, but now they will also be practicing to ‘get the gist’ of a piece of writing. They will be doing this with persuasive pieces of writing as well as articles about energy.


We have already begun our unit about fractions. These are the main outcomes we will be focussed on: