We’re Starting a New Unit

Posted by year4

Human Migration

In the last week we have begun a new unit that is about human migration.  Here are the details:

Central Idea: Human migration involves challenges, risks, opportunities and change.

We will be inquiring into:

  1. The reasons for migration (Causation)
  2. The benefits and challenges experienced by migrants (Change)
  3. The effects of migration on people and place (Perspective)

Human migration is often in the news these days around the world, and although those issues and examples could be mentioned, we will be spending most of our time with stories and picture books to explore the concept in general.



After two straight units of doing research and writing detailed reports, we will now be focussed on writing poetry.  The main ideas we will be looking at through poetry are: Ideas Word Choice and Voice.  In other words, we will be more focussed on the language the students use in their poetry than specific poetic formats (like Haiku or Limericks).  We are hoping they will eventually be able to use a variety of poetic devices (simile, metaphor, personification, etc) to write poems with imagery.


Making Inferences

The reading comprehension strategy we will be focussed on is Making Inferences. We will be getting students to make inferences about pictures, poems, pieces of text and videos.  To help the students understand this we  use a simple formula:


Multiplication and Division

Our next math unit will begin later this week.  The outcomes we will be learning are below.  As well as this we will also be focussing on solving word problems that require a growth mindset as well as some persistence.

Many parents ask how they can support at home, especially with a difficult math unit like this one.  Helping students to learn their basic multiplication facts is a great start.  Eventually we will .be introducing strategies and resources that they can use and you can certainly support them with.