Camp Reminders

Posted by year4

Year 4 camp is actually now just around the corner. The students are getting excited and the teachers are finalising plans. There are a couple of last minute things that we’d like to remind you of for Wednesday:

1. Students should arrive on Wednesday morning at the normal time (before 8.19am) with their large pack and a day pack.

2. A lunch and a snack need to be packed for the first day. All other food will be provided by us.

3. Please do not pack any extra food for your child. They will be well-fed on camp.

4. Students are not allowed to bring any electronic toys or phones. This includes the smart watches that many students are now wearing around school.

5. Students can pack a Halloween costume if they want to, but should not wear it to school in the morning.

6. Please visit the Camp page on our Year 4 Website for updates. Pictures will also be found there. Although we will attempt to upload pictures in the evenings, it is not always possible. Please be understanding.

7. You will notice that the homework for this week is for students to practice making their bed. This includes putting a pillow into a pillow case and putting a sheet on a bed. We would appreciate it if you could help them learn how to do this.

8. Students will return to school by 2.30pm on Friday. You can pick them up then, or they will go home like the end of a normal school day.