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Thank You

Posted by year4

What a fantastic year it has been in Year 4.  All of us feel that the group of students we have had the pleasure of teaching has been absolutely amazing.  Their curiosity, their enthusiasm and their positive attitudes have made this a very special year.

We have also enjoyed working with all of you this year.  The parent-teacher relationship is a very important part of school and we have appreciated all of your support this year.  Thank you for this and thank you for all you do with your children to help in their learning journey.

Many parents ask what their children should be doing over the holiday to continue the learning momentum.  First of all, we strongly believe that your children have worked really hard and deserve a bit of a rest.  After that, continuing to read books is probably the best thing they can do this summer.  As well, you could encourage them to write letters, postcards or emails to their relatives.  If you wanted them to do some math, reviewing the basic facts and making sure they feel confident adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing would be a great option.

Have a fantastic summer.


Kris Stanhope      Sarah McDavid     Mark Steed    Anna Sherriff