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Y4 Inventors Day

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Throughout our latest unit, students have been inquiring into energy and thinking about what kind of attributes they would need to display in order to be inventors.  Today, the unit culminated in our Inventors Day.  Students worked in groups to invent a device that would help solve an energy issue around our community. Then they built a model of their device.

Some groups were very focussed on the environment, wanting to limit the reliance on fossil fuels, so they included aspects of renewable energy in their devices.   Others focussed on devices that would save energy so that we use less of it.  We had solar powered charging stations for our Year 4 Chromebooks and wind turbines attached to the school in many different configurations.  We even had moon panels  rather than solar panels.

No matter the ideas that were explored today, every student demonstrated the attributes of inventors an great learners.  They were:

  • being CREATIVE when coming up with ideas
  • SYNTHESIZING ideas from their group members to improve their devices
  • demonstrating GRIT when things got difficult
  • RE-DESIGNING their devices after being REFLECTIVE
  • COOPERATING and COMMUNICATING their ideas with others in their group
  • SOLVING PROBLEMS (and there were many problems) that came up through discussion and compromise
  • having FUN while learning

It was a great day and some fantastic ideas were brought to life.  Check out the photos and video below:




Picture Troubles and Inventing in Year 4

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Photo Apologies

Recently we have been having difficulties with the photo slideshows on our website.  I am very sorry for this and am trying to fix it.  Hopefully everything will be back up and running smoothly very soon.  Thanks for your understanding.


Year 4 Inventors

We have had a fabulous few weeks in Year 4 as students have been inquiring into the attributes they need to be inventors, learning about the Design Process, and also having opportunities to invent a variety of things.  They have created wind turbines, designed bridges to save their teachers, and helped animals escape from their cages with ingenious catapults.

In case you’re interested, the students have decided that some attributes inventors need are:

  • Grit
  • Creativitiy
  • The ability to synthesise
  • Cooperation
  • Enthusiasm
  • Courage
  • Willingness to share your ideas
  • Ability to be reflective


Here are a few photos of students in action: