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Parent Fair

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Thank you to those parents who were able to join us for the Parent Fair.   We hope you enjoyed it and learned a lot about Year 4 at DC.

If you weren’t able to join us please find the slideshow below as well as a video of the Year 4 students making plans to be ‘Better Than Before’.


Reading at Home in Year 4

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In Year 4, students are still expected to read at home each night, but there are a few differences from last year.  First of all, students will need to record their home reading in their diary.  Each evening they should note the title of the book as well as the pages they have read.  Afterwards, students will need an adult or older sibling to sign their diary to confirm the reading took place.  We encourage  all families to allow students to take responsibility for this themselves.

This is what it should look like in the diaries:

Another difference this year is that students are able to choose which books they want to read, rather than selecting from levelled tubs of books like last year.  So they could choose library books, books from home, or books from school.

We believe strongly that being a strong reader and enjoying reading is an essential part of learning.  We ask for your support in encouraging your child to read and helping them remember to record their reading in the diaries each night. If you wanted to be involved further than that, you could read to your child or have regular discussions with them about the books they are reading.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher..

Welcome to Year 4

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We hope that your children have had a happy and interesting start to the new school year. Our aim over the first couple of weeks  of school is to ensure everyone gets to know each other, students are comfortable in their new classrooms, and that they are all feeling positive about school.

First, here’s how our Year 4 team is organised:


Our Year 4 EAs are amazing and play a huge role in your child’s education.  They were all with us last year and are very experienced, committed and talented.

Here’s the rest of our fabulous teaching team:


Please remember to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.  It’s easiest to reach us by email:

Kris Stanhope  (4KSE) –

Anna Sherriff (4ASF) –

Mark Steed (4MSD) –

Sarah McDavid (4SMD) –