Inventors in Year 4

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We are beginning our new unit this week in year 4.  This is a really exciting unit in which the students learn about energy and invent ways to conserve energy at DC.  Here are the details:

Unit of Inquiry

Central Idea: People have ideas for  inventions in response to energy issues.

Lines of Inquiry: We are inquiring into…

  1. Different forms of energy
  2. How energy is transferred from one form into another
  3. How energy can be conserved and used efficiently

Skills and Attitudes:


Self Management



Besides learning about the different forms of energy, students will have the opportunity to focus on electricity especially while inquiring into how circuits work.  We have a wonderful supply of equipment that they will be tinkering with to create different kinds of circuits.



Students will be learning to write and speak persuasively in this unit.  They will be attempting to convince others to conserve energy and that their invention could help the school to be more energy efficient.

We will be focussed primarily on two main reading comprehension strategies: synthesis and summarising.  They will be reading a lot of nonfiction texts about energy and learning how these strategies can help them better understand and respond to what they read.



In math we will be moving into our unit about fractions.  See below for the specific outcomes we will cover: