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Year 4 Energy Experts

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The Year 4s had a great morning learning about energy as they took part in a number of different demonstrations and activities all focussed on helping them to understand the various forms of energy.

Check out the photos below:

Inventors in Year 4

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We are beginning our new unit this week in year 4.  This is a really exciting unit in which the students learn about energy and invent ways to conserve energy at DC.  Here are the details:

Unit of Inquiry

Central Idea: People have ideas for  inventions in response to energy issues.

Lines of Inquiry: We are inquiring into…

  1. Different forms of energy
  2. How energy is transferred from one form into another
  3. How energy can be conserved and used efficiently

Skills and Attitudes:


Self Management



Besides learning about the different forms of energy, students will have the opportunity to focus on electricity especially while inquiring into how circuits work.  We have a wonderful supply of equipment that they will be tinkering with to create different kinds of circuits.



Students will be learning to write and speak persuasively in this unit.  They will be attempting to convince others to conserve energy and that their invention could help the school to be more energy efficient.

We will be focussed primarily on two main reading comprehension strategies: synthesis and summarising.  They will be reading a lot of nonfiction texts about energy and learning how these strategies can help them better understand and respond to what they read.



In math we will be moving into our unit about fractions.  See below for the specific outcomes we will cover:



Exciting Things in Year 4

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It’s been an exciting couple of weeks in Year 4 as we’ve started two new programs for some of our students.

First of all, a small group of students have been learning to code using Scratch, an online application.  One of our students is a bit of an expert and, with the help of Mr Leithhead, she has started helping others learn the basics of coding.


As well as that, we have some Year 4 mathematicians who have begun working with a wonderful group of Year 12s.  This has been a great chance for the year fours to interact with different students, and an opportunity for them to extend their mathematical thinking.



In the future, we are hoping to extend programs like these to provide our students with an even greater variety of opportunities for learning.

New Class Captains in Year 4

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With the third term fast approaching, elections have been held for the new class captains.   Students who want to be a class captain speak to their classes about why they would be the best choice, then all the students in their class vote for one female and one male captain.

Congratulations to the following students for being chosen:

KSE – Jarvis and Amaya

LWE – Luke and Emma

ASF – Elisa, Jon and Emma

DMI – Caleb and Akane


And here they are…

class captains kse class captain dmi
class captain ASF lwe class captains



4ASF Leads a Fabulous Year 4 Meeting

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Thank you to 4ASF for organising and leading our latest Year 4 meeting.  These get-togethers give the students an opportunity to see the great things their peers are doing.  Here is a look at some of the students in action:

FullSizeRender (8)


Check out the slideshow and videos they prepared for us: