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New Units in Year 4

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Now that the Celebration of Learning is over, we will be starting a different unit of inquiry as well as different units in mathematics and language.

Unit of Inquiry

As you already know, our next unit focusses on migration.  Here are the details:

Central Idea: Human migration involves challenges, risk, opportunities and change.

We will be inquiring into:

  • reasons for migration
  • the benefits and challenges experienced by migrants
  • the effects of migration

Throughout the unit we will be discussing the concept of change and causation.  As well as these, we will have a particular emphasis on students understanding the perspectives of different people involved in migration.


In writing we will be writing poems.  The focus is not so much on the format of the poem (like haiku or cinquain) but rather on the language the students use to try and create imagery.  They will also be inquiring into similes and metaphors in this unit.

While reading poems as well as stories about migration, students will be learning to make inferences.  Throughout each unit we have a different reading comprehension emphasis and we find making inferences is often challenging for students as it requires them to look for answers that aren’t obviously in the written words.


Although we are still finishing up our pattern and function unit, we will soon be moving on to shape and measurement.  Here are the areas we will be focused on:

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Y4 Celebration of Learning

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