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We Need Your Help!

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Our next unit will be beginning soon after Chinese New Year and we need your help!  The unit focusses on migration and the students will be inquiring into:

  • The causes of migration (positive reasons that PULL you to a country, and negative reasons that PUSH you out of a country
  • The changes involved with migration (the benefits and challenges)
  • The effects of migration (from different viewpoints)


One of the challenges we face with this unit is that the students often want to associate migration with war, whereas we want them to think about migration from as many different perspectives as possible

So…here’s where you come in:

We want to compile a video montage of parents, grandparents and helpers (and anyone else) speaking about their migration experience.  This would be a 1 – 2 minute video describing your migration experience.  It would be helpful if you talked about the reasons for leaving, the challenges and benefits of migrating, as well any different perspectives you discovered along the way.

After some experimenting, there a couple of options for sending us the videos:

  1. If you take the video on your phone, you can send it via WhatsApp.  The number to use is: 5660-9382.  Add this number to your the contacts on your phone and it will automatically be added to your WhatsApp contacts.
  2. If you are using your computer to record the video, please transfer it to a memory stick and send the memory stick to school with your family name on it

Thank you for your help.  We’re really looking forward to seeing as many different videos as possible.


Thank you,

The Year 4 Team

Times Tables Challenge

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Dear Parents,

Learning the Times Tables is a big challenge for most Year 4 students.  Our goal is for students to be able to recall them (from 0 – 11 times table) quickly so that they can use the multiplication facts efficiently when solving more complicated multiplication and division problems.

This year we have decided to use our 10 Day Challenge website as a means to ‘jumpstart’ this learning.  This programme challenges students to spend ten consecutive days practicing at home.  Help videos are included to support them as they practice, and answers are provided for all of the questions they are asked to complete. During this programme they will not need to complete any other math homework.  Students who are already very confident with the times tables will be completing different math problems for homework.

You can find a link to the Math Challenge Website at the top of our blog, or just click HERE to be taken directly to the Times Tables page.

If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher.


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Year 4 Teachers,

Dan Macheski     Anna Sherriff     Lisa Wallace     Kris Stanhope

Happy Holidays

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Welcome back for a very exciting Term 2!  First of all, I want to welcome our new Year 4 EA in 4ASF, Tracey Eales.fullsizerender-6

A couple important points for this term:

1. Please help your child have the necessary stationery everyday.  It is especially important that students always have pencils, an eraser, a glue stick, a ruler and scissors.  These things often get lost or damaged, so having a few spares at home would be a big help.

2. Don’t forget the date of our Celebration of Learning – Thursday 9 February, 10.30am -12.30pm.   For more information, check out the page on this website dedicated to the Celebration of Learning about the body systems.


If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Anna Sherriff    Dan Macheski    Lisa Wallace   KrisStanhope