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Y4 Body Systems Unit…and One More Thing About Camp

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Year 4 Camp

We hope your children had a great time at camp.  We certainly enjoyed being with them, and were really impressed with their independence, grit and enthusiasm throughout.  One thing that really stood out was the manners they showed when we were eating in the cafeteria, and how well they all cleaned up afterwards.  If you haven’t had a chance yet, you can find pictures on our Camp page.

Due to camp this week, there will be no homework given out on Friday.  Homework will continue as normal next week.


Body Systems

Parent Help Needed

Next Thursday (17 November) we will be starting our new unit with a series of fun activities for the students to take part in, and we are looking for parents to help us out.  This will start at approximately 8.40am and run until approximately 10.30am.  If you are interested, please email Mr. Stanhope ( and let him know.  During that time parents will be asked to support students at one activity station.  Each station is focussed on a different system of the body and involve a fun task and then a quick reflection on what they might have learned from the task.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

The Unit

Central Idea: Our bodies are made up of interrelated systems, which need to be maintained for healthy functioning.

Lines of Inquiry: 

  • The systems of the body and how they function 
  • Ways in which these body systems are interrelated 
  • How to maintain healthy body systems 

Concepts: Function, Connection, Responsibility

Math: Throughout this new unit students will be completing a number of experiments connected to the body.  From these experiments they will be collecting data and learning to interpret it.  They will be inquiring into the best ways to represent the data which will include bar graphs, line graphs, tally charts, pie charts and pictographs.

Language:  Students will continue with their focus on research as they inquire into the systems of the body, how the systems are connected, and how they can be responsible for maintaining them.  Students will be using teacher-selected websites and non-fiction books for their research, while learning to ask effective questions and determine importance while they are researching.    This research will culminate in action as students aim to educate others about how to maintain healthy body systems.  This action will require them to write an information report.

Celebration of Learning

At the end of this unit parents will get the opportunity to come in and see all that their children have been doing.  You can look forward to taking part in science experiments, learning about body ailments and how they are connected to the body systems, and participating in physical exercises designed by the students to support healthy body systems.

This celebration of learning has been tentatively booked for Thursday 9 February from 10.30am – 12.30pm.  More information will be provided in January.

Y4 Better Than Before Assembly

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This afternoon the students of year 4 got together for our second ‘Better than Before’ Assembly.  This time it was organised, scripted, filmed, edited and presented by an amazing group of students in 4DMI.  Here they are:



There was a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work to prepare the slides and capture the video footage, which ended up being amazing.  These three students in the pictures below also did a fantastic job presenting to the year group:fullsizerender_1fullsizerender_2


Check out the slideshow below.  Make sure you watch the Positive Detectives interviews as well as the video montage…all created by these talented students.



Y4 Camp Reminder

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Dear Parents,

Year 4 will be leaving for camp on Monday morning.  Please check our camp page on the Year 4 website in order to see all the details, if you are unsure of anything.  You can find it by going to this address:  

It is very important that students arrive at school at the normal time (by 8.20am).  When they arrive, students should put their luggage in their class line next to the PTA Shop on the ground floor and then go downstairs to meet in the Dance Studio on the lower ground floor.

It is essential that students arrive at school with the following:

  • 1 Large Pack (see list of what to bring on the website)
  • Wearing shoes appropriate for walking
  • 1 Day Pack which will include:
  • Substantial snack and lunch for the first day (in disposable packing)
  • Filled water bottle
  • DC hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • An extra article of clothing for the weather (jumper or raincoat)

While away, teachers will endeavour to post pictures to give parents an idea of what is happening each day.  You will find these pictures on the Camp page of our website (  These pictures will be posted primarily in the evenings after everyone has returned to the camp so that connectivity is not an issue.  We aim to get photos of students from all of the groups as best as we can.  Parent requests for specific photos will not be answered.

Please note, if your child requires medicine during the trip, you must complete the “Medical Authorisation Form”. The form can be downloaded from the school website: ( or collected from the school’s medical room. Medication needs to be put into a sealed plastic bag, labeled in English with your child’s name and clear directions for use, and given to Sally Nolan, the First Aid Coordinator, prior to departure. Only medication prescribed by a physician will be given to your child during camp. Please do not send any other medication i.e Panadol, Vitamins. If you have any questions please contact the Discovery College school nurses.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by email.

Kind regards,

Kris Stanhope    Dan Macheski     Lisa Wallace     Anna Sherriff