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Honey…and a few other things

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The students in Year 4 have already chosen a food and begun researching so that they can create their Food Documentary.  A number of students who chose honey as their topic were lucky enough to have the opportunity to listen to a real honey expert.

Hunter, a year 5 student in DC, keeps bees and is extremely knowledgeable about them.  He was kind enough to spend time with some of our students so they could ask questions and get more information about honey.

Check out some of the photos:

If you are on a device that cannot access the slideshow, try clicking here.



Just a reminder that you can find all camp information on our Camp page here on the Year 4 Website.  We are only 10 days away from camp…time to get excited!

Year 4 Camp is Just Around the Corner

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It has been great to see all the smiling Year 4 faces back at school this week.  As you know, our Year 4 camp is coming quite soon.  It takes place from 7 – 9 November.  Please make sure that you have completed the camp permission form on Gateway, and let us know if your child has any specific dietary needs.

If you want any information about camp, please go to the Camp page on this website.  There you will find a list of what students will need to bring as well as a basic schedule for our three days there.

You can also get to our Camp page by clicking here.

Half Term Break

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As hard as it is to believe, we are already halfway through the first term of Year 4.  It has been a frenetic nine weeks which has seen Year 4 students: settle into their new year group, participate in an assembly, become positive detectives, add and subtract using new strategies, name large numbers, solve conflicts, write amazing compound sentences, and start being BETTER THAN BEFORE.

After the break there’s even more to look forward to.  First of all, there is camp which happens on 7-9 of November.  To get information about the Year 4 Camp you just need to go to the Camp page on this blog, or click here.  Students will also be completing a unit on multiplication and division, learning how they can make responsible food choices, becoming researchers and beginning to inquire into how their bodies work.  We will also be documentary film makers for the Year Four Food Film Festival.  The finished products of which will be available for you to see.



So, your children have definitely earned a bit of time to rest and relax.  We hope everyone has a wonderful midterm break and comes back refreshed and eager to continue learning.


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