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What’s New in Year 4

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Peaceful Communities

We are coming to the end of our unit on conflict and peaceful communities.  Our hope is that the strategies for resolving conflict that we have introduced during this unit will be applied by the students throughout the year.    In class, we will continue to use the language of peaceful communities and conflict resolution with them.

Please talk to your children about resolving conflict if you can.  The possible strategies that the students have been introduced to are:


Our Next Unit

Our next unit focuses on food and the process it goes through to get from farm to table.   Here are the details:

Central Idea – Communities have systems for producing and distributing food which affect the choices we make.

Lines of Inquiry –  We will be inquiring into:

  1. The systems for producing and distributing food
  2. The reasons for different production and distribution methods
  3. How food choices affect ourselves, others and the environment

Our trip to Ark Eden while on camp is a really important aspect of this unit and will offer the students a different perspective on food choices and the food process itself.

Language Links 

This will be our first  unit where the students will be ‘Reading to Learn’.  In other words, they will begin looking at using reading for the purpose of research.  Students will also be writing explanation texts, while inquiring into the features needed to write for this purpose.

As always, if you have any expertise in these areas and would like to share what you know with the students, please let us know.

Year 4 is Better Than Before

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It has been a busy first three weeks in Year 4.  The students have settled nicely into their new year group and we are really happy with the positive attitudes and enthusiasm about learning that we are seeing in all four classrooms.

Today we had our very first Year 4 Assembly where we celebrated some of the positive things happening with us.  We also introduced our theme:  “Year 4 is Better Than Before“.  Have a look at our slideshow below to get a peak into what the assembly was about:

Here are some pictures from the assembly as well:  (Coming Soon!)


What Are We Learning


We are finishing up our unit on place value and moving into addition and subtraction.  During this unit, we will focus on both mental and written strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems.  There will also be an emphasis on students modelling and explaining the strategies they use.



In writing students have been looking closely at how to write sentences and combining both simple and compound sentences when writing.  We have also been introducing the students to a ‘writing process’.

Year 4 have been practicing listening to the little voices in their heads when they read!  In other words, they have been monitoring comprehension; recognising when they don’t understand a piece of text and then using a strategy to try and get themselves back on track.


Unit of Inquiry

There has been a lot of exploration of ‘Peaceful Communities’ in year 4 with students creating rules for their own communities and determining how they can best maintain a peaceful community.  We have also been looking into the causes and effects of conflict at school and will soon be coming up with strategies to solve those conflicts.