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Things Happening in Year 4

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 Year 4 Splash Party

Mark the day in your calendar!

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New Units in Year 4

We are finishing up our latest unit on energy and being inventors and this week we will be starting our final unit of the year.  It is a unit under the ‘Where We Are in Place and Time‘ theme and focuses on Human Migration.

Central Idea: Human migration involves challenges, risks, opportunities and change.

Lines of Inquiry

  1. The reasons for migration
  2. The benefits and challenges experienced by migrants
  3. The effects of migration.

Concepts: causation, change, perspective

During this unit we will be reading about the experiences different migrants have add and reflecting on our own personal experiences.  We will also be writing poetry and each student should have their own anthology by the end of the year.


We are also finishing up our unit on fractions very shortly and are about to begin learning about time and shape.

The outcomes we are focussed on until the end of the year are:


I can:

  1. Read and write time to the minute.
  2. Describe time and duration using am and pm
  3. Convert between units of time


I can:

  1. Identify and record rotational symmetry
  2. Describe translations, reflections and rotations of two dimensional shapes
  3. Describe direction using the four compass points.


Picture Problems

We just wanted to apologise for some of the technical problems with our class photo pages.  When you click on the pages, it sometimes appears as if there are no pictures in any of the slideshows.  Unfortunately, we cannot get this problem fixed without a big change, so we will need to wait until next year.

In the meantime, if you click on the slideshow you will be linked to the album of photos and will be able to view them that way.  If you have any questions please contact Kris at



4DMI’s Rock Band

4DMI had their assembly this week and one of their acts was a brand new music group that is emerging into stardom.  They are Wrekless X.  Check out their show from the assembly.


Inventor Day

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What an amazing day we had in Year 4.  Materials everywhere…students everywhere…and outstanding thinking, designing, and creativity on display everywhere!

The morning began with Mr. Edwards introducing the day and explaining the process we would all go through.  We were very lucky to have Mr. Edwards come up from Year 3 and spend the day, guiding us through the process.



For the last few weeks the students have been learning about the kind of mindsets and attitudes they need to be inventors, and Mr. Edwards was helping them to make that connection with the day they were about to go through.  They would need to brainstorm ideas, work as teams, develop a design, and ultimately create a model based on their design using all the materials we had on hand.  To do all this they would need to show grit, creativity, cooperation, open-mindedness and enthusiasm.  They would also have to synthesise their ideas, manage their time and resources, and apply their understanding of the types of energy and how it is transformed.

So, Mr. Edwards gave them 5 different problems that they could choose to solve in their groups.  Here they are:



After that it was all up to the students.  Teachers guided and supported, but the fantastic ideas, wonderful designs and marvellous models all came from them.  Now all of the amazing creations are on display in our shared area.

Have a look at the quick movie below, to get an idea of how our day went:



Math Students and Inventor Materials

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Inventor Day

Just a reminder that Year 4 have their Inventor Day on Wednesday.  During part of that day students will be making models of their inventions.  Can you please help your child bring in any recyclable materials that we could use on that day, such as boxes, toilet paper rolls, etc.


Math Students

Once again, the commitment being shown by our students is remarkable, as even more have completed the 10 Day Math Challenge.  Look out for a division challenge beginning before the end of the year.

20160509_150143 IMG_2104
IMG_2105 IMG_2074 (1)



Even More Committed Students

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It’s hard to believe but we’ve had even more students complete the 10 Day Math Challenge!  It really is amazing to see them take responsibility for their own learning and be able to fulfil such a difficult committment.

Here they are: