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More Students Taking on the Y4 Math Challenge

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Congratulations to those year 4 students who have just completed the 10 Day Math Challenge.  It is such an accomplishment to be committed to something for that long.  Not only are they improving in mathematics and becoming more confident solving problems, but they are also taking responsibility for their own learning.

Here they are:


Energy in Year 4

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On Monday 25 April the Year 4 students took part in a series of science demonstrations and experiments to help gain a better understanding of energy.  There were balloons, candles and exploding tops!  As well as a swinging ball, some salt, and a lot of Mentos!

If you’re wondering what this could all be about, please ask your children.  They are becoming experts on the many different forms of energy as well as energy transformation.

Bringing the Energy to Year 4

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This week we will be ‘officially’ starting our new unit about ENERGY!  This unit falls under the ‘How The World Works’ theme of the PYP Curriculum, and should be a lot of fun.  We are anticipating opportunities for students to complete science experiments, build circuits and imagine themselves as inventors.  We will kick it all off with a message from Mr Barr who will be imploring our students to help fix an energy crisis at DC.  Keep an eye on this blog for updates.

Central Idea: People have ideas for inventions in response to energy issues

Lines of Inquiry:

There are different forms of energy: chemical, kinetic, potential, mechanical, heat, light, sound and magnetic energy.

Energy can be transformed from one form to another.

Energy can be conserved and used efficiently.

Main Concepts: Form, Change, Responsibility

Related Concepts: Conservation, Efficiency, Creativity, Transformation