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Oliver Twist – Primary Production 2015-16

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The 2015-16 primary production, Oliver Twist, is well underway.  It will be performed 16 & 17 March, 2016.

A team of talented young people are being very capably lead and supported by committed, passionate and enthusiastic staff.

For current information regarding Oliver Twist please go to PYP Drama in Primary Ding.  There you will find updates, blogs and other relevant information.

Similarly, go to the blog direct by clicking on this link.

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Body Systems and More

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New Unit

This week we are beginning our 3rd unit.  This is an extended unit that will culminate with a time for parents to come into school and see the learning their children have been doing.   This will take place in January and we will let you know when the date is confirmed.

Central Idea: Our bodies are made up of interrelated systems, which need to be maintained for healthy functioning.

Lines of Inquiry: 

We are inquiring into:

  • The systems of the body and how they function 
  • Ways in which these body systems are interrelated 
  • How to maintain healthy body systems 

Skills Focus: Research Skills, Communication Skills, Thinking Skills

Learner Profile and Attitudes: Communicator, Knowledgeable,  Balanced, Curiosity, Cooperation, Commitment

Language: For this unit we will focuss primarily on research skills.  Students will be learning to locate and understand information from a variety of sources, and then to use this information to help complete their presentation.  This will include skills such as:

  • skimming and scanning
  • taking notes
  • determining importance
  • writing in their own words
  • using correct subject-verb agreement
  • report writing

They will be reading a lot of non-fiction books and making use of the varied sources of information available online.

Math: We will also be linking  Data Handling with this unit.  Students will be inquiring into graphs and charts and how they can best represent data related to the systems of the body.

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Pattern and Function

Alongside the data handling we will be working with during our unit about body systems, we will also be inquiring into Pattern and Function.  Please see the outcomes below that the students will be covering:

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We hope you enjoyed the photos and tweets that were made available from camp.  If you haven’t had a chance yet, please visit our camp page to see the photos.  For those of you that were wondering, the pictures for Friday at camp have now also been uploaded.

Year 4 Halloween Disco

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Thanks so much to the Year 4 CPRs for organising a great Halloween Disco for our students.  Check out some of the photos below: