Y4 Science Stations

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This week the year fours all got together to further their understanding of energy. Teachers and EAs led a series of demonstrations and experiments that were designed to help students recognise forms of energy and see how energy is transformed.

It was great to hear everyone ‘speaking like scientists’ and helping each other discover new ideas about energy.

Enjoy the pictures below.

Our New Unit Has Begun

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After spending the last month exploring the different perspectives around migration we have moved on to our new unit of inquiry. In this unit the students will be trying to save the world! They will learn how to be inventors and then see if they can come up with ideas to solve some of the energy issues we are facing. The details are below:

Central Idea: People have ideas for inventions in response to energy issues

Lines of Inquiry:

We are inquiring into…

  1. How to be an inventor
  2. Forms and sources of energy
  3. Solving energy issues through invention

Unit of Inquiry

Students will be inquiring into the attributes required to be an inventor, learning a design process and applying those things to create inventions that can solve a variety of issues. They will also be learning about energy, including the forms of energy and the many renewable sources of energy. Part of this will be some hands-on work with circuits.


Students will be learning to write persuasively during this unit. The writing traits we will be most focused on are: Voice, Organisation, and Sentence Fluency.

The reading comprehension strategy we will work with the most is ‘Getting the Big Idea’. Students will need to continue monitoring their understanding and listening to their inner voice when they read, but now they will also be practicing to ‘get the gist’ of a piece of writing. They will be doing this with persuasive pieces of writing as well as articles about energy.


We have already begun our unit about fractions. These are the main outcomes we will be focussed on:

We Need Your Help

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Image result for we need you   Throughout this unit about migration we have been getting the students to look at different migration stories and trying to think from the perspective of the people who have migrated.  Although we’ve seen many stories of people who have been ‘pushed’ out of their country (forced migration), we also need some stories of people who have chosen to move to another country for more positive reasons (pull factors). This is where you come in!  We would love it if you could send us a short video (approx 2 minutes) of your migration story.  Then we could share these stories with the students. You could talk about:

  • Where you came from
  • Why you migrated
  • Challenges you’ve faced
  • Opportunities you’ve had
  • Risks you’ve taken
  • Changes you’ve experienced
If you are interested, please video yourself and send it via email to Kris at stanhk2@dc.edu.hk.  If that doesn’t work, you could also upload it to a Google folder and share it with Kris at the above email address.  If neither of those options works for you, please let Kris know and we can easily work something else out.  Thank you very much for your help, in advance.  

We’re Starting a New Unit

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Human Migration

In the last week we have begun a new unit that is about human migration.  Here are the details:

Central Idea: Human migration involves challenges, risks, opportunities and change.

We will be inquiring into:

  1. The reasons for migration (Causation)
  2. The benefits and challenges experienced by migrants (Change)
  3. The effects of migration on people and place (Perspective)

Human migration is often in the news these days around the world, and although those issues and examples could be mentioned, we will be spending most of our time with stories and picture books to explore the concept in general.



After two straight units of doing research and writing detailed reports, we will now be focussed on writing poetry.  The main ideas we will be looking at through poetry are: Ideas Word Choice and Voice.  In other words, we will be more focussed on the language the students use in their poetry than specific poetic formats (like Haiku or Limericks).  We are hoping they will eventually be able to use a variety of poetic devices (simile, metaphor, personification, etc) to write poems with imagery.


Making Inferences

The reading comprehension strategy we will be focussed on is Making Inferences. We will be getting students to make inferences about pictures, poems, pieces of text and videos.  To help the students understand this we  use a simple formula:


Multiplication and Division

Our next math unit will begin later this week.  The outcomes we will be learning are below.  As well as this we will also be focussing on solving word problems that require a growth mindset as well as some persistence.

Many parents ask how they can support at home, especially with a difficult math unit like this one.  Helping students to learn their basic multiplication facts is a great start.  Eventually we will .be introducing strategies and resources that they can use and you can certainly support them with.


Thank You Parents

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Dear Parents,

Thank you for playing your part in making the Year 4 Celebration of Learning a huge success.  Your energy, enthusiasm and engagement with all of the students across year four was incredible.  It was wonderful to see you smiling and laughing with the students, asking them questions, taking their answers seriously, and, at times, allowing them to see you be silly with the different experiments and PE activities.

As teachers, we can get the students prepared to share their learning and they can be experts on the systems of the body, but without your participation and willingness to get involved it really doesn’t work very well.  So, thank you from all of us here.  You were absolutely amazing!





Our Celebration of Learning is Fast Approaching

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We just wanted to remind you that the Year 4 Celebration of Learning will take place on Thursday 14 February.  All family members are invited to take part and see what your child has been learning throughout this unit.  As well as that, parents will be asked to participate in student experiments and PE activities that involve some physical activity.  If you can, please come dressed so you are able to get involved.  It should be a lot of fun!


The Celebration will begin in the theatre at 10.20am with a parent presentation.  After that, parents will make their way up to the Year 4 classrooms to work with their own child.  As well as that, we will ask all parents to spend time wandering around all of the Year 4 classrooms to support other children.  Our students will be looking for as many people as possible to participate in their experiments and to talk about their action with.  We would greatly appreciate it if everyone could stay until the end at 12.25pm to support as many different students as possible.


We are looking forward to seeing you all on that day.


Date: Thursday 14 February

Start: 10.20am in the Theatre

End: 12.25pm

Important: Wear comfortable clothing to be active!

It’s Holiday Time

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What an amazing start to Year 4 it has been this year.  We are so proud of all the Year 4 students for their zest and curiosity; and for their commitment and  humour.  In fact, we have been astounded by the sheer number of strengths we have seen on display from this Year 4 group.

Already we have made it through assemblies and camp, as well as being well into our third unit of inquiry.  We explored  concepts such as fairness and equality and discovered the many issues that need to be considered when choosing what food we should be eating.  It has been a very busy term and  the Year 4 students have definitely earned a break.


Provoking Interest in the Human Body

Last week we started our latest unit of inquiry that focusses on taking responsibility for the well being of the students at DC.  In order to start students thinking about experiments, science, and the human body we organised a series of stations designed to get them wondering!  We had a lot of fun and the questions that came out helped guide our inquiries.  Thank you to those wonderful parents who were able to come in and help us out.

Check out the movie below to get a peek into what went on:



Replenishment of Stationery

We would greatly appreciate it if all students could return to school in January with their pencil cases restocked.  It is especially important that  everyone has pencils, a ruler, an eraser, a glue stick and a highlighter.  Thanks, in advance, for your help with this.


Celebration of Learning Reminder

Just a reminder that next term will be our Celebration of Learning.  This is an opportunity for you to come into school and see what your child has been learning about.  Students will present their learning about the body systems and run you through a series of experiments and activities.  It will be a lot of fun.  Please put the date in your diary: Thursday 14 February (approximately 10.00am – 12.30pm).  More details will be provided next term.

Y4 Inter-School Sports Day

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On Thursday the Year 4s were lucky enough to host a sports day with Renaissance College.  It was a fantastic day organised by Mr Trimingham where the students got the chance to meet students from another school, have some fun and be active!  They rotated through a variety of tag games and races, always with a group of Renaissance students.

Everyone had a lot of fun and the weather cooperated.

Check out some of the photos here and also have a look at a quick video made by Miss Sherriff below.

Camp Reminders

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Year 4 camp is actually now just around the corner. The students are getting excited and the teachers are finalising plans. There are a couple of last minute things that we’d like to remind you of for Wednesday:

1. Students should arrive on Wednesday morning at the normal time (before 8.19am) with their large pack and a day pack.

2. A lunch and a snack need to be packed for the first day. All other food will be provided by us.

3. Please do not pack any extra food for your child. They will be well-fed on camp.

4. Students are not allowed to bring any electronic toys or phones. This includes the smart watches that many students are now wearing around school.

5. Students can pack a Halloween costume if they want to, but should not wear it to school in the morning.

6. Please visit the Camp page on our Year 4 Website for updates. Pictures will also be found there. Although we will attempt to upload pictures in the evenings, it is not always possible. Please be understanding.

7. You will notice that the homework for this week is for students to practice making their bed. This includes putting a pillow into a pillow case and putting a sheet on a bed. We would appreciate it if you could help them learn how to do this.

8. Students will return to school by 2.30pm on Friday. You can pick them up then, or they will go home like the end of a normal school day.


Halloween at Y4 Camp

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Dear Parents,

It is unfortunate for some families that Year 4 Camp falls on Halloween this year.  But…the good news for students is that we WILL be celebrating Halloween at camp.

This will happen on October 31, the first night of camp.  There will not be any candy and students will not be trick-or-treating, but there will be costumes and lots of fun, Halloween-themed activities.

Students are welcome to bring a costume if they want.  Please remember that they will be responsible for the safe-keeping of anything that is brought on camp.  It is also important to keep in mind that Year 4 students are quite notorious for losing and breaking things while away from home.  We suggest you keep that in mind when choosing  a costume.

If your family does not celebrate Halloween, students are still welcome to bring a costume associated with their favourite book or book character.

Teachers will take lots of pictures and they will be posted on the website for parents to see.  For the most part, these pictures will not be available right away, but we will do our best to post them as soon as we can.  Often we run into difficulties with reliable internet access.


Some other important things for parents to remember:

  • Please do not send any candy or additional food with students, they will be very well fed.
  • Please be aware that parent helpers who come to camp are asked NOT to take pictures and send them via social media.
  • Please make a sensible choice of costume for students so that it is easily kept in their suitcase and requires no help to assemble/wear.

Please make sure you check the camp page on our website for the kit list and the camp schedule.  If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact your class teacher.