Thursday’s Home Learning Engagements

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Thursday’s Home Learning:

Dear Parents,

Please find the details below of Thursday’s home learning engagements.

(The resources for these will become visible on the Google Classrooms at 5pm this evening).



Give a family member or care-giver a ‘pizza massage’ and ask them to do the same for you. (See the demonstration video on the Google Classroom).



Please continue to use the wide variety of interactive learning engagements for maths already shared. Top up your skills on your set tasks for Studyladder and keep singing those multiplication and division songs to entertain your family!



Read for 20 mins

Look at this poem:  (Aliens Have Landed by Kenn Nesbitt)  (On the Google Classroom) Can you find any similes and metaphors?

Write them down in your book under the headings: SIMILES and METAPHORS.


Unit of Inquiry:

Draw a picture of your teacher as an alien. Use the poem for inspiration.


Thanks for your ongoing support with the home learning throughout the week.

Year 3 Teachers.

From the Chinese team:

Chinese Home Learning:
All Chinese home learning can be found on Ding! under the Chinese subject tab, then Year level and then by clicking the Chinese class teacher individual page. Please go to this page to see the learning expectations, as per normal Chinese homework. 

Wednesday’s Home Learning Engagements

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Wednesday Home Learning:


Dear Parents,

Please find below the details of Wednesday’s Home Learning.

(The resources needed for these tasks will become visible on the Google Classroom from 5pm today.)



Go for a walk and try to notice three things that you have not noticed before. What do you see, think and wonder?



Revisit any of the Geometry ‘set tasks’ on Studyladder and try to achieve the ‘mastered’ level, which looks like a dark green smiley face. Choose between revisiting the multiplication and division fact songs, or the interactive shape games on the Google Classroom.



Read for 20 mins


Watch the song video “similes and metaphors”. (It’s on the Google Classroom)

Can you explain to someone at home what is the difference between a simile and a metaphor?


Unit of Inquiry:

Listen to the 3 different pieces of music. (On the Google Classroom).

Choose which is your favourite piece. Draw a picture showing what you imagine while you are listening to it.


Details of Thursday’s learning engagements will be posted tomorrow.

thanks for your ongoing support.

Kind regards,

Y3 Teachers

Tuesday’s Home Learning Engagements

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Dear Parents,

Please find below the details of Tuesday’s Home Learning.

(The resources needed for these tasks will become visible on the Google Classroom from 5pm today.)



Spend 15 minutes in your room with no electronics and find a toy/ game or book you haven’t looked at for a long time and rediscover it.



Revisit the interactive shape games on the Google Classroom and try something new. Check your class Studyladder ‘set tasks’ and try to master the Geometry activities.



Read for 20 minutes.

Practise a page of your handwriting book. Work on your cursive joins.


Choose a poem that you like on the “Poetry for Kids” website. (On the Google Classroom) Comment below the link on the Google Classroom about your chosen poem and why you chose it.


Unit of Inquiry:

Make a piece of art work inspired by the art works of Van Gogh. (Look again at the slide show of his work on the Google Classroom to inspire you).


We will post more specific details about Wednesday’s Home Learning tomorrow.


Thank you for your ongoing support.


Year 3 Teachers






Update on Home Learning

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Monday Home Learning in detail:

Dear Parents,

Can you please share the following learning engagement instructions with your child.

(The resources needed for these tasks will become visible on the Google Classroom from 5pm today.)



Make a gratitude card for someone you know to thank them for what they do for you.



Use the multiplication and division songs on the Google Classroom to practise your facts, and have a go at Hit the Button to improve the speed and accuracy of your multiplication fact knowledge.



Read for 20 mins

After you have viewed the slide show of Van Gogh paintings on the Google Classroom, write sentences to describe your favourite painting. Describe it using the 6 elements of Art (line, colour, texture, value, shape and space).


Unit of Inquiry:

Listen to the ‘Camille and the Sunflowers’ read aloud. (on Google Classroom)

Watch the slide show of famous paintings by Van Gogh (on Google Classroom). Use this to decide on a favourite to write about in your language activity. If you don’t know the name of the painting, just describe it in detail and say why you like it.

If you enjoyed ‘Camille and the Sunflowers’, try listening  to ‘Katie and the Starry Night’ as another example of a Van Gogh painting.


We will post more specific details about Tuesday’s Home Learning on Monday 12th February.


Thank you for your ongoing support.

Y3 Teachers

Home Learning for the coming week

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Dear Yr3 Parents,

In light of the announced closure of schools from today until the end of the Chinese New Year Holiday, the Year 3 team will be setting appropriate work for students to complete over the next week, as highlighted in the overview below. 

Year level teams will communicate your child’s learning through this blog over the next week. The tasks set are ones that can be meaningfully carried out in the home environment and will include Mathematics, Language and Unit of Inquiry activities.

The work provided is intended to maintain your child’s learning during this unexpected break.  Teachers will be in work as normal should you need to email them for additional information.

Home Learning (overview)

Please find below:

1) An overview of learning for the week ahead

2) Specific activities for this Thursday and Friday

3) Specialist learning activities

All activities outlined in the updates will be available through the Google Classrooms, which the students can all access through their school Gmail account. If they forget their email address and password the details are:

dingusername@dc.edu.hk and the common password is: dc201617


Currently we are deepening our understanding of the properties of 2D and 3D Shapes. We are also reviewing multiplication and division facts (particularly x2,3,5 and 10). We have added interactive learning tasks connected to this onto our Google Classrooms, which the students can access through their email. We will add specific details about which tasks students are directed to try each day in our updates. There is a suitable level of challenge available to suit all the students’ ability levels and we encourage the students to explore the tasks to find their ‘just right’ level.

As usual, Studyladder is also available if further activities are required.


We have just begun exploring poetry. During the week, we would expect the students to read for 20 minutes each day as usual. In addition, specific tasks will be detailed in our daily updates. These will include handwriting practice, being immersed in poetry, and responding to various art works.

Unit of Inquiry:

We have just begun our “How we express ourselves’ unit of inquiry. During the following week, we will be asking the students to explore and respond to a variety of artworks and to learn about an artist, as well as having the opportunity to create their own pieces of art.


We encourage the students to add an aspect of well-being to their home learning this week. This will include opportunities to reflect, appreciate and engage in a variety of mindful activities which will be detailed in the daily updates.

Physical Education:

(from Mr Trimingham)


Year 3 PE

In our current unit on Invasion Games we have been focusing on football.

At home please try and do the following things:

1)         Watch the following video and see if you can start to learn some of the dribbling skills



2)         Work on your shooting and passing skills

3)         Go for a run and keep yourself nice and fit



Year 3 ART

In our current unit, we have been looking at Texture in Art.  Watch the following video clip showing a person decorating “2018” with texture.  Take an A4 piece of white paper and a pencil and use the whole page to write “2018”. Decorate these numbers with different textures using your pencil as shown in the video clip.  You might find interesting textures around your house to copy.

Texture clip 2018


Thursday 8th and Friday 9th February –  Home Learning in detail:


Please click here to view drama home learning activities.



Year 3 Music
In our current unit on Creating Music we have been focusing on improvising using the pentatonic scale.
At home please try and do the following:
Watch Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale and try and sing along with the audience in the clip.
Use the Virtual piano (use a computer keyboard to play the instrument) to improvise using the C pentatonic scale (C, D, E, G, A).
Here is a video clip to help remind you how to work out what the notes are on the virtual piano.



Well-being: Do a kind act for a family member. e.g. help with a chore you don’t normally have to do.

Maths: Visit the Google Classroom.  Explore the interactive shape games for 30 minutes.

Language: Read for 20 minutes.

Handwriting: find a page in your handwriting book (including cursive joins) and practice that page again.

Check and read your new emails.

Unit of Inquiry: Watch the Elements of Art video on Brain Pop Jr. Complete the quiz at the end of the video (Brain Pop Jr can be accessed through Ding! or through the Google Classroom).



Well-being: Go outside or find a quiet place inside. Take three breaths in and out through your nose, then sit for 5 minutes and use your senses to appreciate the area around you. (Think about what you can hear, touch, see and smell and how it makes you feel).

Maths: Visit the Google Classroom. Explore a different shape activity for 30 minutes.

Language: Read for 20 minutes.

Visit the Google Classroom: Watch ‘The Giving Tree’ read aloud video by Shel Silverstein. What do you think the author is trying to tell us? Leave a comment below the video on the Google  Classroom.

Unit of Inquiry: Watch the Elements of Art video on Brain Pop Jr AGAIN. Write sentences to explain each element of art in your own words. The sentences should be written in the language book (sent home).

There will be a further update sent out with details of Monday’s home learning this Friday afternoon.


Thank you for your support,

Year 3 teachers.

Welcome back to Term Two!

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From the last week of term: Year 3 Talent Show 2017

Apologies for the delay of this footage of the talent show,  technical difficulties prevented us from posting this up at the end of last term.

This was an event started by former Y3 Team Leader, Jason Edwards, who is now Team Leader of Y6. Everyone in this year’s team agreed that it was a wonderful idea to keep this tradition going. What a fabulous opportunity for students in each class to come forward and share their talents with their peers and teachers. A wonderful celebration of a wide variety of talents and skills across the year group!

Each class held their own ‘heats’ where the classes voted on their top two acts to go forward to the exciting live finals, held at the DC Theatre. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be there myself as I was ill, but I enjoyed watching the video footage attached below, as I’m sure you also will. Thankfully, Mr. Edwards was on hand to step into my shoes and host this year’s event in my stead, along with the ‘celebrity’ judges: DJ 8Ball (aka Mr Andy Eastwood), Xander Pain (aka Mr Jason Boon) and Kylie I-Know (aka Mrs. Kate Agars). There was also a guest appearance from DJ GlitterBall (aka Mr. Chris Barr) to get the crowd going!

A fun time was had by all and many congratulations go to the overall winner Holly Miller in 3LKT whose Irish Dancing won the hearts of the judges. It takes a great deal of courage to put yourself forward to participate in a performance event such as this and our praise and thanks go to everyone who auditioned, and everyone who made it through to the live final.

Click on the links below to view the whole show in four parts:






Term Two begins! – And what a fun-packed term it will be!

This term is an exciting one for Year 3 with many exciting learning opportunities and events. These began yesterday with the 3 Way Conferences. It was great to meet with so many families and to discuss strengths and share next steps in learning.

Later in the term, we also have our Celebration of Learning. This will come at the end of our “How We Express Ourselves” unit of inquiry. There will be more news on that nearer the time but please save the date (Wed 28 March pm )

Enjoy these recent pictures from life in Year 3 and the 3way conferences:


Kind regards,

Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Cassel, Ms. Hanlon and Mrs Klatt

Intrepid Y3 Explorers discover new species!

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Unit of Inquiry

This week, we have launched into our third Unit of Inquiry of the year: ‘Where we are in place and time’.

The central idea of the unit is: Through exploration, people and discover and learn about themselves and the world around them. 

We will be inquiring into the characteristics of explorers, how people explore (and have explored) and what motivates people to explore. There will be a strong emphasis on developing research skills the students will be given the opportunity to find out about a particular explorer that they show an interest in. After the December break, they will be working towards producing an information report about their chosen explorer.

Our provocation to get the students ‘hooked’ on the idea of exploration was to hide some interesting and unusual creatures in Siena Park. Initially, we got them all fired up by saying something ‘strange’ had been spotted in the park and Y3 had been asked to go and investigate. We all went out and the students excitedly searched in the bushes and trees to locate the ‘animals’. When we came back inside, they quickly realised that they had no evidence of what they had seen and that, quite possibly, no-one would believe them, so we set about going out again and this time ready to gather some proof. They teamed up into small groups and went back, armed with iPads, note paper and clip boards.

This provocation prompted discussions about what are the character traits of explorers? Why DO people explore and what might they need in order to explore successfully? So much fun and some powerful thinking to start off our new unit.

Maths Learning – Patterning into Multiplication and Division

As we move from Pattern and Function into Multiplication and Division, we have be practising skip counting patterns used in the multiplication tables. The students will be learning the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables this year as a minimum, and we have noticed that the pattern unit has set them up really well so far for these early tables. “Skip counting is something you can do anywhere!”, I told my class today. “As you walk along the street, you can practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s with your steps”. If you practise at home with your child, bear in mind that they do not only need to be able to memorise and ‘recite’ 2,4,6,8 etc… They also need to know all related number facts, in any order.

For example: 8×2=16, 2×8=16, 16 divided by 8 is 2 and 16 divided by 2 is 8.

Y3 Talent Show

Students have been busily getting together during break and lunch times to prepare their acts for this year’s Y3 Talent Show. For those students who wish to participate (it is completely optional), the ‘heats’ will take place in our classes on Monday 11th December. From there, the children will vote on the top 2 acts from each of the 4 classes and those 8 acts will perform in the ‘Live Final’ in the Theatre on Thursday 14th December. As mentioned in the diary note already sent out, there will be no parents at this event, but it will be videoed and put on the Blog later for your viewing pleasure. For the ‘heat’ rounds, no need to provide costumes, but if your child’s act is chosen (they will be told on Monday 11th) then if they wish to wear special clothes on Thursday, they can.

The Year 3 Team

Another maths strategy, teamwork challenges and becoming responsible Digital Citizens!

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Another Mighty Mental Maths strategy…

Following on from an earlier piece about some of the mental calculation strategies we have been teaching the students, we would like to share another one, as feedback from some parents was extremely positive and many remarked on how useful it was to see how the students have been shown how to solve questions.

Bridging is another strategy that has been shown to the students as a way of solving addition and subtraction. To use this strategy, the students MUST know and be confident with their number bonds to 10, and to ‘ten’ numbers.

It involves making a ‘ten’ number, then adding or subtracting the remainder to find the final answer. See examples in the photos below:


Team work challenges

This being the penultimate week of our current unit of inquiry “How we organise ourselves”, we have been getting down to some design challenges to further strengthen the students’ ability to participate, co-operate, communicate and encourage their peers. Over the past 2 weeks, the students, within their teams, were encouraged to follow the design process to research, design and build the tallest newspaper tower and the widest newspaper bridge they could with only one newspaper and a roll of masking tape. This proved to be a great exercise in trial and error and strategy, as well as building upon the character strengths and skills that this unit of inquiry has been focussing on. On 27th November, we will begin our third unit of inquiry: “Where we are in place and time”. This will be a History focus, as we will inquire into explorers and their motivations and achievements.


Digital Citizenship Training Commences

Over the next few weeks, all four of the Y3 classes will be taking part in a three part training programme taught by our Digital Literacies Coordinator, Joe Leithhead, and one of his assistants. He has devised a series of age appropriate lessons teaching the students how to be safe on-line, how to manage their digital footprint, and about the effects of cyber bullying. This is in preparation for releasing their school email addresses to them in the new year. There will be a parent information session in the theatre next term to explain how this will work, so watch this space for more news on that!




Camp Reflections…

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This morning, during a class discussion, I mentioned to my students that exactly one week ago, they were all just going into the dining hall at camp to have their breakfast! It seems amazing that another whole week has passed. This week, the students and staff have been reflecting on the camp experience. The staff were so proud of all the students for their courage and willingness to be risk-takers as well as the excellent behaviour throughout the duration of camp. It was so satisfying to have all the children fast asleep in their beds on Thursday night in the confidence that they had had an exhausting but amazing first day. I’m sure you all enjoyed the photo gallery posted by Mr. Boon on the first evening.

Friday was also a wonderful day of exciting activities. Many children mentioned that ‘The Amazing Race’ was a huge highlight for them. They were practising their teamwork skills as they faced a number of challenges spread out around the campus. Before we knew it, it was time for lunch and then time to leave!

I would like to extend a special thanks to ALL parents and staff for their part in making the Year 3 Camp 2017 a huge success. To those of you who were not able to attend, thank you for preparing your children so well for the event both emotionally and in a practical sense (bed-making skills may need further practice!!). To the parents who did attend: Dane Warwick, Matthew Bentley, Lisa Tsang, Nancy Trueman, JoElle Scott, Mariana Grigorian, Adam Nichols and Steve Chitty, you were all a fantastic support for the staff and students and many of you performed well above and beyond the call of duty. To the staff who attended, Year 3 teachers and EAs and Mr. Jason Boon, along with Shann Anderson, Alice Bisley and Chris McLeay, thanks for your inspiration and your energy before, during and after camp. It is true that an immense amount of planning and preparation goes into this major event of the school year, but it totally paid off as the camp ran smoothly and was enjoyed by all! Enjoy these final photographs.

Kim Ward


Day 1 – Photos 2

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