Who We Are

Posted by jasonboon

Current Unit of Inquiry: Who we are

Central idea:

Understanding who we are as individuals and as a community helps us GROW.DISCOVER.DREAM.


This year our ‘Who we are’ Unit of Inquiry will have the SAME central idea from Y1-6, incorporating the mission statement of the school. Each year group will then be taking a different focus. Year 3 is focussing on well-being and we have been able to include some of our very recent learning from our school partnership with Professor Lea Waters.

The students have been considering what factors contribute to a happy and healthy life (i.e. a person’s well-being). They have considered their own personal connection to these different aspects.

We have introduced them to the SEARCH framework, which is part of our Visible Well-Being programme. By using hexagonal thinking routines, as you will see in the pictures, the students have unpacked the meaning behind Strengths, Emotional Management, Attention and awareness, Relationships, Coping and Habits and Goals. We will be moving into more detail about the pathway of Attention and awareness and how they can develop strategies to manage this, and then doing some personal goal setting with the intention of improving an aspect of their own well-being.