Our Current Language Focus

Posted by jasonboon

Reading – Please keep on using the questioning for comprehension prompt sheet we shared earlier on in the year. Many children have been assessed recently and are progressing well with their reading. Inference is a continuing focus and is something you can support your child with at home by using the comprehension prompt sheet whilst reading.

Spelling – We have been assessing the students on their ability to spell high-frequency words as well as common blends and digraphs (two letters that spell one sound), and giving them an opportunity to practice using these.

Writing: Our writing focus has been on narratives and recounts, all the time working on adding exciting verbs and interesting descriptive words (adjectives) to their stories, as well as appropriate grammar and punctuation.

Over the coming weeks we will begin to have an explicit focus on developing sentence fluency:



We have recently introduced peer editing as a way of supporting the students with their writing. This is how it works:

We have already noticed the power of this within our classes. The students have felt in control of their own writing and with a critical friend, have been able to be much more efficient editors of their writing. We have also noticed that they are very willing to accept ideas for improvements from their peers, which has enriched their writing further. They have been able to express how they feel during the peer editing process and teachers have noticed this having a very positive effect on learning.