Another maths strategy, teamwork challenges and becoming responsible Digital Citizens!

Posted by kimward

Another Mighty Mental Maths strategy…

Following on from an earlier piece about some of the mental calculation strategies we have been teaching the students, we would like to share another one, as feedback from some parents was extremely positive and many remarked on how useful it was to see how the students have been shown how to solve questions.

Bridging is another strategy that has been shown to the students as a way of solving addition and subtraction. To use this strategy, the students MUST know and be confident with their number bonds to 10, and to ‘ten’ numbers.

It involves making a ‘ten’ number, then adding or subtracting the remainder to find the final answer. See examples in the photos below:


Team work challenges

This being the penultimate week of our current unit of inquiry “How we organise ourselves”, we have been getting down to some design challenges to further strengthen the students’ ability to participate, co-operate, communicate and encourage their peers. Over the past 2 weeks, the students, within their teams, were encouraged to follow the design process to research, design and build the tallest newspaper tower and the widest newspaper bridge they could with only one newspaper and a roll of masking tape. This proved to be a great exercise in trial and error and strategy, as well as building upon the character strengths and skills that this unit of inquiry has been focussing on. On 27th November, we will begin our third unit of inquiry: “Where we are in place and time”. This will be a History focus, as we will inquire into explorers and their motivations and achievements.


Digital Citizenship Training Commences

Over the next few weeks, all four of the Y3 classes will be taking part in a three part training programme taught by our Digital Literacies Coordinator, Joe Leithhead, and one of his assistants. He has devised a series of age appropriate lessons teaching the students how to be safe on-line, how to manage their digital footprint, and about the effects of cyber bullying. This is in preparation for releasing their school email addresses to them in the new year. There will be a parent information session in the theatre next term to explain how this will work, so watch this space for more news on that!