Focus on Maths and getting ready for camp!

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At the beginning of the year, we have been focusing on place value. The students have been encouraged to explore numbers in different ways, for example ordering a group of numbers, looking at greater than and less than, rounding to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand, as well as using MAB blocks to model numbers. This has helped them to get a good sense of what numbers are ‘made up of’.

Recently, we have been investigating different mental strategies for addition. We have used ‘Number Talks’, which is a way of encouraging the students to think about their own methods of solving addition problems in their heads, then sharing their ideas with the class. This improves their number sense as they begin to manipulate numbers in different ways, deepening their understanding of the value of numbers and how to add them using the most ‘efficient’ strategy. So far, the classes have looked at ‘partitioning’ which means they separate the tens and the ones, add them separately and then add the two parts (which makes an easier calculation to do mentally).


e.g. 27+12

20+10= 30 (add the tens together)

7+2=9 (add the ones together)

so 30+9=39 (add the two totals together)

We have also looked at ‘friendly numbers’. This strategy is used when one of the numbers they need to add has a 9 or an 8 in the ones (units). They ROUND that number up to the nearest 10 to create an easier calculation (‘ten’ numbers are ‘friendly’ because they are easy to add), then subtract from the other number to balance the equation.


e.g. 39+17

39+1=40 (making a ‘friendly number’)

17-1=16 (subtract one from the 17, as we added one to the 39)

then 40+16= 56 (add the two totals)


We have most recently been teaching the JUMP STRATEGY, which involves the students using a number line to add numbers. The photographs below will show you how this works.

So when your child is telling you they solve things a different way to the one you expect, you now know what they are talking about!



In just two weeks we will be at camp and everyone is beginning to get excited about this major event in our school calendar! We are busy preparing the students in school by fostering teamwork as well as independence and we hope you are doing the same at home. NOW is the time, if you haven’t done so already, to organise those sleepovers and get your child used to the idea of sleeping away from you for one night. This will alleviate any fears they (or you) may have and make the camp experience much more enjoyable for all!

Today, a comprehensive letter has been sent home which details the equipment that they will need to bring and also the itinerary for the two days.

There are still a few families who still need to sign the e-notice on Gateway, and we also request that you ensure that any health or medical issues including food allergies are fully updated on Gateway.


We are looking forward to meeting most of you next week at the upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences, on Wednesday and Thursday. If you have not already done so, please visit Gateway and take this opportunity to make yourself an appointment with your child’s class teacher.

Some questions that you might want to think about to help you prepare for the Parent Teacher conferences include:

  • How do you feel your child has settled into their class?
  • Parents are their child’s first teacher –  what do you believe are your child’s strengths?
  • What do you believe are your child’s areas for further growth?
  • What motivates your child?
  • Is there anything else you would like to share which may be helpful in supporting your child’s learning? (previous history, likes, dislikes etc.)

Kind regards,

Year 3 Teachers