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Posted by jasonboon

Unit of Inquiry: Analysing Data and Researching Well-being

As we are drawing near the the end of our first Unit of Inquiry: Who we are, with a focus on well-being, the students have been gathering data about themselves as individuals and as a whole class. They have been creating bar charts and then generating statements and questions about the data.

Mrs Agars (PYP Coordinator and Vice-Principal) has visited some of the classes to talk about the idea of ‘analysing’ data under the umbrella of ‘Thinking Skills’, which has taken the students deeper with their understanding. We have also been looking at what ‘the experts’ say about aspects of well-being and comparing that to our data. From this, next week, they will be working on individual action plans with the intention of making an improvement to one area of their well-being by taking real-life, relevant action.