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Settling in and launching into EPIC time!

Posted by kimward

In the blink of an eye, another two weeks have passed and it seems timely to send you another update about how things are going for our Year 3 students.

The students, having now completed three school weeks, are beginning to settle in to their class routines and launch into their learning. It has been great to see them rise to early challenges and show us what they are capable of in response to learning engagements.


It was so lovely to meet so many of our parents and carers yesterday at the Parent Information Evening, and what a pleasure it was to make those face-to-face connections and to take the opportunity to do some information sharing. This occasion is such an important one for establishing expectations and sharing understandings early on, so that we can all work together to support the learning and well-being of all members of the school community throughout the year.

Please click here for a copy of the slides we shared.

Please click here to access a copy of the Year 3 Programme of Inquiry


An exciting and significant event that has taken place this week for the Year 3 students has been the inaugural ‘EPIC time’ of the year. We intend to give regular opportunities for the students to choose from a wide range of learning engagements during ‘EPIC time’. The emphasis is on student choice and enjoyment, although this time also develops many skills and attitudes which feed into all areas of learning. We encourage the children to be courageous and open-minded; trying new things and developing new skills, as well as engaging in what they are passionate about and enjoy. This week the students chose from: line dancing, mini book making, arts and crafts, games/lego, fort building and cartooning. Have a look at the DC Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/discoverycollege/ for more photos!


To grow as readers students need opportunities to build their confidence and practice. Fluency books provide a resource for students to practice reading independently, to reread and to share their reading success with family members.

Fluency books are ‘just right’ books based on teacher assessment. Students should be able to read them independently or read them confidently to someone at home.

Year 3 students will bring home TWO books on Monday to be returned on Thursdays and TWO books on Thursday to return the following Monday.

Books are placed in the return box in the classroom as part of morning routines. Students select and scan new fluency books during class time as part of their language learning. At home please sign the reading log Mon – Thursday to indicate that your child has been reading. Also use this space to communicate any important messages to the teacher regarding reading at home.

As students journey through Year 3 and become increasingly confident as readers they are encouraged and taught to make reading choices based on interest appropriateness as a result, our Year 3 students can also take out FIVE library books.

Fluency books start coming home next Monday 4th September.


Upcoming Date to note

(for 3KWD Parents only): 3KWD class assembly – Tuesday 5th September @2:30 in the Theatre.