Home Learning – Thursday 15th February

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Spend 10-15 minutes reading another one of your home readers.



Go back to the home learning activities from the past week and redo your favourite tasks. If there are activities you didn’t get to do or complete, then work on those as well.

Don’t forget to check the tasks from your specialist teachers (on our posts) and visit the Chinese subject tab to see the work for Year 2.


Enjoy the Chinese New Year celebrations with your families.

Kung Hei Fat Choi



Home Learning – Wednesday 14th February

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English Language

Spend 10-15 minutes reading another one of your home readers.

Reading: Determine Importance

Print this graphic organizer. If you can not print it out, you can draw the boxes in your book.

Choose a non-fiction book to read. You can use your home readers, a book from home or the Library resources (Pebble Go, Big Universe, Tumble Down books, Oxford Owl).

Record the title of the book you are reading at the top of the page.

Before you begin reading, look at the cover of your book and do a picture walk. Activate your brain and think of a question that you have about the topic.

Record your question in the first box. Feel free write more than one question or to add questions as you read.

Read your book, using your questions to determine the important information. Can you answer your question? If you can, record your answer using pictures and words in the other 2 boxes.


Unit of inquiry – How we express ourselves

The Chinese New Year Challenge – part 2

You have been learning about Chinese New Year. Write a letter to a family member telling them about the celebration and if possible, send it to them.

Think about:

  • Why do we celebrate it?
  • What special decorations are there?
  • Special colours?
  • Is there a story behind Chinese New Year?
  • When is Chinese New Year ?
  • Any other interesting facts you would like to include.




Put the title ‘Number’ in a new page of your home learning book.

Then write out the challenge (if you need some help writing this then a grown up can help you)

Challenge:Using the digits 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 what is the biggest number you can make?

What is the smallest number?

Can you use addition or subtraction to show your working out?


All Chinese home learning can be found on DING! under the Chinese subject tab, then Year level and then by clicking on the Chinese class teacher’s individual page.

Please go to this page to see the learning expectations, as per normal Chinese homework.

Home Learning – Tuesday 13th February

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English Language

Spend 10-15 minutes reading another one of your home readers.

Rainbow Writing

Using your magic word list, write the word correctly. Then copy it over 2 more times using different colours to make a rainbow.

After you have practiced rainbow writing your words. Ask an adult to help you check if you can you quickly read them. Can you spell them correctly too?


Unit of inquiry – How we express ourselves

The Chinese New Year Challenge

It’s almost Chinese New Year! Can you make a decoration to put up in your house that is connected to this celebration?

Think about:

  • the colours used for Chinese New Year.
  • Special symbols or characters.
  • Where you want it to go – what size will it need to be?




We have been learning about measurement and practiced some of this at school. Today put the title ‘Things that are bigger than my hand but smaller than my foot’ on a new page in your home learning book.

Now start measuring !

Write in your book the things that you find, but remember to check that what you write down is bigger than your hand but also smaller than your foot.

How many things can your find?


Visual Art

Please check out the link for a drawing competition that is being held in Hong Kong as part of the Young Readers Festival. It would be great to have as many entries as possible for Discovery College.

Young Readers Festival Drawing Competition

The theme is “My Hong Kong” and you can paint, draw, colour, or sketch what you love about Hong Kong.
Drawings and application forms need to be submitted by Friday 23rd February. The form can be downloaded  here

Remember to take a photo of your work and email it to Ms Saunders. If you have any questions, please contact Ms Saunders.



All Chinese home learning can be found on DING! under the Chinese subject tab, then Year level and then by clicking on the Chinese class teacher’s individual page.

Please go to this page to see the learning expectations, as per normal Chinese homework.

Home Learning – Monday 12th February

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English Language

Spend 10-15 minutes reading another one of your home readers.

Weekend Writing

Think about the favourite part of your weekend. Draw a brainstorm to help you organise your thoughts. Remember to include keywords for who, where, when, what and how.

Write about your weekend – try to make it as interesting as you can.

Proofread your work. Check you have:

  • Used capital letters and full stops.
  • Underlined words that don’t look right to you.
  • Put a smiley face beside any conjunction (and, but or so) that you have used to join 2 ideas


Unit of inquiry – How we express ourselves

Mind Map

On the next free page in your Home Learning book, write the words “Special clothing/costumes” in the middle of the page.

Draw and write to show which celebrations this is important for and give a example of what is worn.

For example:



Study Ladder Tasks (20-30 minutes)

Get your diary and find your login details.

Log in to Study Ladder and try some of the tasks the Year 2 teacher have set.

There are lots of tasks to choose from, choose the ones that are at the right level for you.


School Suspension Home Learning

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Dear Year 2 Parents

In light of the announced closure of schools until the end of the Chinese New Year Holiday, we will be setting appropriate work for the Year 2 students to complete over the coming days. Please see a brief overview below and detailed tasks for today and tomorrow. Next week, please check this blog daily for the tasks your child can complete as part of their home learning.

These Home Learning activities are intended to maintain your child’s learning during this unexpected break. The tasks we set are ones that can be meaningfully carried out in the home environment and will include Mathematics, Language, Unit of Inquiry along with work from some specialist teachers. Please remind your child that they are responsible for their own learning and should be working to challenge themselves.

We will be at Discovery College as normal should you need to email us for any additional information.

Thank you for your ongoing support with your child’s learning.

Kind regards,

The Year 2 Teachers


Overview – Monday to Thursday next week

Monday – daily reading, weekend writing, mind map, Study Ladder

Tuesday – daily reading, rainbow writing, Chinese New Year challenge, measurement

Wednesday – daily reading, reading: determining importance, Chinese New Year challenge (part 2), number

Thursday – daily reading, work on any activity from previous days

Home Learning – Thursday 8th February

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English Language

Adjective hunt

Read for 10-15 minutes. Choose a home reader and try to find as many adjectives (describing words) as you can.

Make a title on the first page of your home learning book “Adjective hunt”. Record the words you have found.

Bonus challenge:

  • Sort your words into alphabetical order or
  • Rewrite them in order of length – shortest to longest.

Remember to check your spelling as you complete this activity.


Unit of inquiry – How we express ourselves

Celebrations Research

Using the Celebration research sheet in your book folder, research a new celebration you don’t know much about. Remember to write the KEY WORDS under the headings in each box. Glue your sheet into your home learning book when you are finished.

You can research any of the celebrations on DING! Use the log-in details you have in the front of your diary for DING and follow the pictures below to find ‘Celebrations’.

To help with your research so you can add information to the four boxes on your sheet, you can find out more using Pebble Go or Big Universe.

Follow these steps to help you find these books.



Odd/Even number hunt

In your home learning book fold one of the pages in half. Draw a line down this fold and then at the top of one half write odd numbers and at the top of the other half write even numbers. Now go on a number hunt and put the numbers you find in either the odd or even column.


– Look in the ones place to tell if it’s an odd or even number.

– Even numbers have a pair and can be equally shared out, odd numbers cannot.


Physical Education

In our current unit on Invasion Games we have been focusing on basketball.

At home please try and do the following things:

1)         Watch your Seesaw video of yourself dribbling the ball and reflect upon the following:

– What are the things you are doing well?

– What could you do to become an even better dribbler?

2)         Continue working on your dribbling skills – you can use any type or size of ball e.g. football, tennis ball. Watch the following video on basketball dribbling skills and try some of them out using any type of ball/s.

Basketball Dribbling Skills

3)         Go for a run and keep yourself nice and fit.



In our current unit, we have been looking at different types of Celebrations around the world. Last week in class we acted out the story of the Chinese Zodiac.

At home please try and do the following things:

  • Retell the story of the Chinese Zodiac to somebody at home. Watch the following link if you need to be reminded of the story.

Chinese Zodiac Story

  • Interviewing one of the 12 Animal Characters: Now become one of the animals, for example the Cat, and get an adult or an older brother or sister to ask you 3 questions about the race.  For example, they could ask, Cat, I understand that the Rat pushed you off the Ox’s back, how did that make you feel?”. When you answer the question, try your best to speak and act like a Cat would in that situation.
Year 2 Music
In our current unit on Creating Music we have been focusing on singing and playing instruments collaboratively.
At home please try and do the following:
Learn to sing Stompy The Bear by Casper Babypants. Once returning from the Chinese New Year break we will begin to work on singing the song while playing instruments.Please find the Lyrics attached.

Home Learning – Friday 9th February

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English Language

Re-read and Retell

Re-read the same home reader as yesterday to be as fluent as possible. Practice reading it to someone at home showing them how you read with expression and a clear, confident voice.

Can you retell the story verbally?


Unit of inquiry: How we express ourselves

Celebrations Research

Continue your research sheet and if you have finished make a poster to go along with the celebration.

Try to think about what makes a good poster.

  • Clear title
  • Pictures that are clear and connected to the celebration
  • Interesting to look at



Place Value Task Card

We have been learning place value, today follow the place value challenge card.


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In Maths we are beginning to work on measurement with a specific focus on length. At the moment we are encouraging the students to use non-standard measurement (feet, handspans, strides etc) to develop their ability to make sensible estimates. Non-standard measure is also the perfect time to really develop the vocabulary of comparison (longer, shorter, taller, wider etc).

This learning is the perfect opportunity for some really fun ‘hands-on’ activities with your children. You could try some of these activities at home:

  • How many steps do you think it is from the front door to your bedroom? How could you check?
  • Can you find something at home that is smaller than you handspan but longer than you finger?

Along with length, we are looking at time by exploring months, weeks and days. We are learning about recording time using daily and weekly timetables, as well as simple calendars.

You might like to explore this at home with your child by talking about the activities they have coming up throughout the week. A daily or weekly timetable that is displayed at home is a great way to start teaching this concept at home.

Basic facts

We are also focussing on fast recall (within 3 seconds) of basic facts to 10, with the aim of being secure with basic facts to 20 by the end of Year 2.

These are the facts that we need to know quickly rather than using a strategy to work it out. For example, 4+3 could be worked out by saying “I know 3 + 3 = 6 so 1 more must be 7”, but it’s much more useful to just know that 4 + 3 = 7.

Once your child can automatically recognise and show finger patterns to 10, you can start asking “How many more to make …” At this stage your child will still be relying on looking at the fingers that are tucked down – this is perfect!

Below are some games and activities to reinforce these ideas at home. Prototec is particularly good for checking recall of a variety of facts.

Save the Whale

Addition within 10

Ladybird Doubles (memory game)

Hit the Button

Baseball Scores

Shark Numbers



HWEO – Language

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In Language this term we have been looking at sentence structures and how these might be different in other languages. To help to support this at home you could ask your child to write some sentences in English and where possible model writing it in another language. When doing this it would be useful to explain to them why the words might be written in a different order or changed and highlight any big differences or similarities to them.

In our classes students have also started to use technical vocabulary for the words in a sentence such as verbs (action/doing words), nouns (name of a people/places/things) or adjectives (descriptive words). When you are reading at home you could ask your child to point to words that fit these categories  and if they find some great examples then we would love to hear about then back in class.



In reading, students were introduced to the idea that readers have an inner voice which helps them to identify new learning, make connections and ask questions. Students practiced listening to their inner voice and recording their thoughts to “leave tracks” whilst reading.

Our current focus is on the comprehension skill of determining importance. We learned that readers can read with a question to skim and scan for useful information. Students have been practising how to do this as a class, in small-groups and independently as they investigate non-fiction texts to learn more about celebrations.

A great way to continue building this skill at home is to encourage your child to research something they are interested in together. Spend time identifying what you want to find out and framing this as a question. Using your question, model how you skim the text to get a general idea and how you scan for keywords and phrases.

Remember to think out loud to make your thinking visible!


Year 2 Update

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As mentioned in our recent class e-mails, we have had an exciting start to Term 2 with our new unit inquiring into different celebrations and exploring the significance and similarities of many of these.

Below are some photos from our mother tongue session and some of the exciting learning that has been happening so far.

The class and specialist subject teachers have all been very impressed with how enthusiastic the students have been about this unit and the connections they have already started to make about many of the celebrations. Some of the big themes coming through from their inquiring are light, food, clothing, decorations and music/dance. Students have been further exploring these themes through research in books and on the iPads, shared play and by creating art work.

We would love to take an even closer look at the theme of music and dance and the roles these play in many celebrations. As such, if you or any member of your family have a dance connected to a celebration that could be shared with the Year 2s then please contact your child’s class teacher as we would love to find out more.

Our Celebration of Learning is being held during blocks 5 & 6 on Wednesday 14th of February and you will all be receiving a special invitation from your child very soon. The week of our celebration coincides with Chinese New Year and as such we plan to also explore this celebration more. For our Celebration of Learning  we would like to ask students to dress in clothing which is culturally significant to them. 

Finally, please check the English and Mathematics tabs (at the top of this page) for other information about our current learning.