Parent Reading Workshop 2 and Decoding Strategies Information

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A huge thank you to all the Year 2 parents who attended our second reading workshop on Thursday 12 October. Please click on the link below to view a copy of the slides.

Reading Reading Workshop Session 2

As we mentioned in the workshop, we will be using this section of the blog to regularly share information about ways you can support your child with the strategies students are learning in school to grow as readers and writers. Please find below a copy of key decoding strategies that was shared at the parent information and links to three parent pipelines from the reading CAFE that provide further details about three of the strategies.

Key Reading Strategies

Check for Understanding Parent Pipeline

Use the Beginning and End Sounds Parent Pipeline

Use Pictures, Illustrations and Diagrams Parent Pipeline

Helping with Learning in the Classroom and Parent Teacher Conferences

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Supporting Learning in Class

From the week beginning Oct 16 we will be starting parent help sessions each week in class. Please click on the links below to sign-up if you are able to help. 


2CCG Sign-up Sheet for Parent Helpers

2ASD Sign-up Sheet for Parent Helpers

2LRO Sign-up Sheet for Parent Helpers

2CNS Sign-up Sheet for Parent Helpers

DC Guidelines for Parent Helpers

Parent Teacher Conferences

Just a reminder that Parent Teacher Conferences are taking place this week. As mentioned in an email from your child’s class teacher, we would very much appreciate it if you can take a few minutes to share some insights about your child using the form below.

You Tell Us – Parent Form

Pattern, Function and Skip Counting

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Pattern and Function

During Term 1 students inquire into Pattern and Function. Students learn to identify, name, extend and show patterns in various ways. We explore patterns around us, make repeating patterns and determine features of patterns. Students translate patterns, creating them in different ways and using a 100 chart to find number patterns.

Our ‘Central Idea’ is:

Patterns have repetitive features that can be identified and described.

Our ‘Lines of Inquiry’ are:

– Characteristics of a pattern

– Different ways to make, describe and record patterns

– How patterns help us to predict

Skip Counting & Patterns

As part of their learning about pattern and number the students have been skip counting with numbers to 100.

  •      Practise skip counting (by 2′s, 5′s and 10′s) with or without a hundred chart. 
  •      Practise locating numbers on and navigating the 100 chart (10 more, 10 less, 1 more, 1 less, etc.) and finding patterns on the hundred chart using Splatt 100. You can also practise these skills by playing Starship Games.
  •     Pattern Mania
  •     Colour Patterns

(Please note you may need to install flash or JAVA on your computer for some of the online games to work)

Week 6 – Book Shopping and the Zones of Regulation

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Dear Year 2 Families,

Welcome to Week 6 in year 2!

It was great to see some Year 2 parents at the Reading Workshop last Tuesday. If you were unable to attend, please click on the English tab to see a copy of the slides.

Book Shopping

We have just reached the end of our second week of book shopping and the students have continued to build their independence in choosing their three just right books and using strategies to decode unknown words and understand what they are reading. Just as a reminder, book shopping happens within class time and all books have to be checked out by our class EAs, students cannot choose new books out of this time or take them home without checking them out. If you feel that your child might need to change their books on a day other than Monday or Thursday, then please discuss this with your child’s class teacher.

Zones of Regulation

As we are sure many of you already heard from your children and from the Parent Information Fair, within our Who We Are unit we have been inquiring the Zones of Regulation.

The important thing to note is that there is no ‘bad zone’, during each day children and adults will probably go in and out of all of the zones at some point and we help the students understand that this is ok.

The problem with being in some of the zones is that it doesn’t feel very nice to be in them. As such, we are trying to develop and build the students ability to recognize what zone they are in, if it’s a nice zone to be in, what has ‘triggered’ them to go into that zone and what strategies they can use from their toolkit to get back into the Green Zone. As the unit continues the students will also be developing their understanding of how other people feel when they are in a zone, and what choices they can make to try and change how they and other people are feeling.


Parent Information Evening and Fluency Reading

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Parent Information Evening

A huge thank you to all the parents who were able to join us at the Information Evening. It was great to meet you and to have the chance to share some information about the year ahead. Please click on the link below to view the slides we shared.


Home Reading

Fluency books will start coming home next Monday 4th September.

To grow as readers students need opportunities to build their confidence and practice. Fluency books provide a resource for students to practice reading independently, to reread and to share their reading success with family members.

Fluency books are ‘just right’ books based on teacher assessment. Students should be able to read them independently or read them confidently to someone at home.

Year 2 students will bring home THREE books on Monday to be returned on Thursdays and THREE books on Thursday to return the following Monday.

Books are placed in the return box in the classroom as part of morning routines. Students select and scan new fluency books during class time as part of their language learning. At the moment we are asking parents to please sign the reading log Monday – Thursday to indicate that your child has been reading. Also use this space to communicate any important messages to the teacher regarding reading at home.

As students journey through Year 2 and become increasingly confident as readers they are encouraged and taught to make reading choices based on interest and appropriateness. As a result, our Year 2 students can also take out FOUR library books.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing further information about ways you can support reading at home and if you are a new DC parent remember you can sign up for the parent workshop on Tuesday 12 September.

Welcome to Year 2

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Welcome to Year 2!
As a year level we have spent the first week getting to know your children and doing lots of
enjoyable, confidence and relationship building activities. We understand that the transition
into Year 2 can be especially daunting as the children experience being separated from
previous year friends for the first time and have to move between the different floors. As
such, we have done some cross class activities and have been supporting movement to
specialist lessons. We have been amazed by how well the students have all adapted to their
new classes and shared areas and look forward to getting to know all of the children even
better over the coming weeks.

Here is how the year 2 team is organised this year:

2.1 2.2 2.3  2.4
Mrs Romano
Mrs Tobin
Mrs Cheung
Mrs Menon
Mrs Nichols
Mrs Fiaz
 Ms Seward
Mrs Brooks

Students enjoying their specialist lessons

End of Day

As you will have seen this week, at the end of the day we will still bring the students to meet
you in the college foyer, much like in year 1, however we will dismiss from the opposite side
of the foyer, which is closest to our classrooms. The bus children are lined up within class
and then supervised down to their lines by the class EAs. We ask that any changes to pick up
or children taking the bus be notified to us by 3pm, preferably by e-mail and/or phone call
to both the class teachers and the school office to ensure we have the correct information.

Book borrowing
There will be no fluency book borrowing until the September 1st for any year group. We
have all started our in class reading and language sessions and will continue to do so over
the next few weeks with a focus on the students skills for choosing a ‘just right book’ and
building on their existing knowledge of different decoding and comprehensions strategies.
We will provide more information about our language programme at the Parent
Information Evening on Thursday 31 st August and in future blog posts.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to email your child’s class teacher. We look forward to working together with you during the year,


the Year 2 Team.