Year 2 End of Year Update

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As the end of the school year is upon us, we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for all the support you have provided throughout the year. Looking back on the 2017-2018 school year we recognise the wonderful effort by the Year 2 students and are amazed at what they have accomplished. They have continued to surprise us in their learning, being able to achieve so much because of their positive attitude and willingness to undertake challenges. This couldn’t have happened without your encouragement and ongoing support. It has only been through a team effort between home and school that the students have progressed to be the best learners they can be.

We would like to thank our Class Parent Representatives for keeping communication open and providing fun experiences for the Year 2 cohort throughout the year.

While the holiday will provide the perfect opportunity to connect with family and friends we hope your child will continue to practice what they have learnt in readiness for Year 3. Here are some suggestions to keep practicing their skills during the summer holidays.

  •       Provide many opportunities to read, read, read (don’t forget the resources on DING)
  •       Keep a holiday diary or adventure book of your experiences
  •       Write and send letters/postcards, emails, messages, notes
  •       Continue to practice the Magic Words
  •       Create word lists of interesting words or WOW words
  •       Keep counting (forwards & backwards)
  •       Use dice to create basic number sentences for quick recall
  •       Work on number facts to 20
  •       Complete the Maths Study Ladder tasks on DING
  •       Practice Chinese calligraphy & say it in Chinese, then English
  •       Play, create, design, construct
  •       Find problems to solve, then find as many different ways to solve them as you can
  •       Find something you are curious about and do a personal inquiry to learn more


On a final note, we would like to extend our best for a restful and safe holiday period. We hope you and your children will be rejuvenated by the break, ready to return to a new school year with all its challenges and new learning experiences. For those families who are leaving we thank you for your ongoing commitment to the school and wish you every success for the future. To everyone else, we look forward to seeing you again at DC in the coming year. We wish you safe travels and good times!


Year 2 Update

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It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of the school year. It seems not too long ago we were welcoming your children into our Year 2 classrooms!

When we reflect on the year so far Year 2 has been all about building independence and responsibility. It has been a big year and a highly successful one, which now allows us to celebrate the progress of each individual and their achievements. Throughout our units, across all curriculum areas, students have explored concepts and practiced skills, continuing to grow as learners who demonstrate positive attitudes and a commitment to challenge themselves. We know these attributes will enable them to build on their learning in Year 3.

Everyone is feeling very excited about the upcoming transition experience on Friday 22 June. On that day students will be introduced to their Year 3 teachers, spend a couple of blocks in their new class groups and find out where their new learning space will be for the coming year. Parents will be sent an email to confirm these placements at the end of that school day but no doubt your child will be able to share their experience in more detail as they have a taste of what Year 3 will bring.


End of the School Year

As you know, the 2017-2018 Discovery College school year finishes at 12:00 Noon on Wednesday 27 June. While it is expected all students will be present to take part in the end-of-year activities, if you know you are leaving before this date please let your child’s class teacher know in advance. It is important for everyone to say their farewells properly to help ensure a positive end to the year.


Fluency and Library Book Borrowing

The library is currently checking resources students have borrowed including fluency books. Students will NOT be bringing home fluency books to read from now on. If there are any misplaced/lost items students will be issued with an invoice to cover the costs of replacing these books.

Instead of regular fluency book reading please use DING to access the following reading sites and encourage your child to read to you online.

Please note – The Oxford Owl login and password is  dckids2

Normal library borrowing will continue right up to the last day of school. Any items borrowed over the holidays will have the loan period extended so they can be returned in August.


Swimming Programme

The Year 2 students have been outstanding managing themselves throughout the swimming programme. There are still a few lessons to complete the course so please refer to the swimming schedule below for dates. With no lessons next Monday due to the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the final lesson for 2LRO & 2CCG will be during the last week of school.


Personal Inquiries

The ‘Where we are in place and time’ unit of inquiry has provided many opportunities for personal inquiries at home as students inquire further into the personal history of themselves and their family. Please spend time talking with your child about their questions and the significant people/places in their life.

Where we are in place and time – Personal history unit of inquiry

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This unit explores place and time connecting students to their personal history. We will start by looking at family trees, timelines and maps. The Central idea is:

Mapping place and time enables people to reflect on identity.

As it talks about ‘identity’, if there is anything sensitive around this for your family please let your child’s class teacher know so we are aware of this and can support these discussions effectively with your child.

During this unit, students will move into their own personal inquiry. They might inquire into places that are important to them or people/family members who may be significant to them. Students will ask questions and conduct interviews as they make connections to their lives.


Central idea:

Mapping place and time enables people to reflect on identity.

Lines of Inquiry

  • Understanding who we are and where we come from (perspective)
  • Ways of mapping place & time (function)
  • The relationship between place, time and identity (connection)

Teacher Questions

  • Who are we and where do we come from ?
  • How do we map place and time?
  • What is the relationship between place, time and identity?

Learner Profile Focus

  • inquirer
  • knowledgeable


  • curiosity
  • enthusiasm


Transdisciplinary Links

Maths – time

Language – writing fiction and non-fiction texts, communicating to describe & persuade


Term 3 Language

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During our Daily 5 Language experiences students have been developing their ‘writing muscle’ to build their perseverance as a writer. They have been describing different animals and their habitats and trying to persuade readers that specific animals are truly amazing.

Students have been focusing on the conventions used by writers including capitalisation and punctuation. The following questions have guided their ongoing reflections:


During our final unit of inquiry we will continue to focus on developing as both fiction and non-fiction authors. We will build on our previous learning on writing conventions and sentence fluency and introduce the organisation trait. Students will focus on crafting:

  • Bold beginnings
  • Mighty middles
  • Excellent endings

The unit will also provide opportunities for students to practice their speaking and presentation skills as they share their own personal histories with their peers.


Number and Shape

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Number has been an ongoing focus in our classrooms this year.  We are exploring the concepts of multiplication & division. Through the use of materials, students are making groups to build their understanding of how groups can be recorded and shown as arrays. It is a great time to use skip-counting and recognise the connections with addition.

2D & 3D shapes are also being explored. We are recognising the features of each shape including the number & type of lines, corners and so on, and challenging ourselves to use mathematical language when describing them to others. You can help by asking your child to tell you about the shapes they find around them.

Here are some online activities for our number and shape work.

Tank Tables

Array Display

Dinosaur Dentist (near doubles)

Shifting Shapes


Year 2 Update

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The Sleepover

A long-awaited experience which didn’t disappoint! The Year 2 Sleepover was a truly awesome event full of fun, games and food, with just a touch of sleep. Discovery College looked so different at night and we had the whole school to ourselves!

The Drama rooms were transformed as students and teachers found the perfect spot to set-up beds for the night. First was the picnic dinner, then we joined in the many activities including the popular night walk. Who would have thought our class toys also loved nighttime at DC. We discovered some of them in the library reading books!

The students settled in well for the night but it was an early wake-up for many. They were certainly ready for a delicious cafeteria breakfast of eggs and pancakes. For many of our students it was their very first sleepover away from home and everyone managed it brilliantly. When morning came the smiles and continuing excitement said it all. We know the students will have fond memories of this special Sleepover experience for years to come. Take a look at our video to experience a bit of the fun.

Sleepover Video


Personal items from Home

We know students like to bring special things from home to use as they play with their friends. Please be reminded that all these personal items must be named and when brought to school risk being damaged or lost. We do not expect these items to be brought into the learning environments. Recently we have noticed students have small items in their pockets while in the class which end up distracting them and others. We would appreciate you taking the time to talk to your child about keeping these items in their bag until playtimes when you give permission for them to be taken to school.


‘Wong’s Fantastical Shop of Curiosities’ Performance

The Year 2 students were treated to a very entertaining performance by the Faust Touring Theatre yesterday to kick-off the ‘Where we are in place and time’ unit of inquiry. The focus was our place in the world, Hong Kong. Through mini-story snapshots, the students gained insights into the recent history of Hong Kong and recognised many connections to our city and lives. Further information on the final unit and up-and-coming Language and Mathematics will be added soon. Please remember to check the blog once school resumes next week.



Year 2 Sleepover

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We are excited to have our Year 2 sleepover this coming Friday. This sleepover is part of the overall DC camp experience and is designed give your child an opportunity develop independence and experience the fun of school camp.


What to do on Friday:

After school – 3:15pm

Collect your child as per normal procedure

– Ensure your child has a rest, a snack and a shower/bath in preparation for returning to school

6:00 pm

– Arrive at school, make your way to the Drama studios on the lower ground floor

– Deliver your ‘finger food’ contribution for dinner to the Year 1&2 shared area (see details below)

– Help your child set up their bed / bedding in one of the Drama studios (student choice)

6:20 pm

– Say goodbye quickly, give your child a big kiss, a hug and tell them to have a wonderful night

This is an important time for the students and we require parents support in leaving promptly when asked to. Students will be participating in a range of activities during the evening and these cannot begin until all parents leave.

We do ask when setting up your child’s bed please, please ensure they are helping you to do this. This is important to build independence and part of the experience. It is vital for you to provide an appropriate bedding base for their sleeping bag such as a mattress or similar so they are not sleeping on the hard floor. We are unable to provide extra bedding at school. As mentioned above, students have a choice of what room and who they would like to sleep next to, if there are any concerns please kindly speak to Mr Barr or one of the class teachers at the time.

Please provide an evening meal (enough for approximately 2-3 children) that can be shared amongst the students – finger food such as freshly cooked sausages, spring rolls, chicken wings, sandwiches, a fruit platter, burgers or any other savoury dish that is easy to share.  We ask you to ensure any dishes prepared do not contain any nuts, or nut based oils or products. Thank you for your consideration in regards to this matter.  All food needs to be delivered to the Year 1&2 shared area when you arrive for the sleepover.


What to bring:    

  • Finger food to share    
  • Pyjamas
  • Sleeping bag    
  • Pillow
  • Favourite sleeping toy    
  • A spare change of clothes
  • Water bottle    
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and hair brush
  • Blow up air mattress or roll out mattress.


On Saturday morning, students can be picked up by their parents or helpers from the school at 8.30am. Please see your child’s class teacher before you leave so your child’s name is checked off the class list and farewelled.

We look forward to ensuring your child has a wonderful experience.



Year 2 Update

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Welcome to Term 3! We hope you all had lovely break, we have enjoyed hearing all about it from your children this week.

The students have been very enthusiastic and resilient learners in this first week back. Settling back into their class routines and reconnecting with our Maths, Language and Unit of Inquiry learning. In this final term there will be a greater emphasis on the students developing as independent learners and taking more responsibility for themselves as we get them ready for their transition into Year 3. The students themselves will be explaining more about that to you at their Student Led Conferences next week.


Next Week

Next Wednesday 25th of April is the Student Led Conferences. This is an opportunity for your child to show you their learning across all areas of the curriculum, both in the classroom and in the specialist subject areas. If you have not yet done so, please go on to Gateway to book a session to come and see all of your child’s amazing hard work.

Please note that school will finish at 12:30pm on this day as such the students need to be collected. School buses will be running as normal. They will then need to return to school with you at your allotted time slot.

Also, next week we have the Primary Sports Day. This is being held the day after the Student Led Conferences on Thursday 26th of April in the school foreshore area and one event in Siena Park. For Years 1-3, normal classes will run during the morning blocks and the sports activities will start promptly at 1pm running until approximately 3pm. Children will return to their class at the end of the sports events to collect their things and will be dismissed from the foyer as usual.

The students should wear their PE uniforms on this day with their house colour shirt. Please also make sure that your child has a hat in their school bag for this event as we will be outside for 2 hours. Likewise, depending on the weather, suntan lotion and bug spray will also probably be needed.


Coming Weeks

In the coming weeks we also have a number of key events such as the Year 2 swimming programme starting in the week of 6th May and the Year 2 Sleepover on Friday May 11th. More details will be provided about both of these next week.

Sharing the Planet – Living Things Unit of Inquiry

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Our new inquiry has started with much curiosity and enthusiasm from the students. This unit has a strong science focus exploring living things and how they survive in the different environments. In connection with this inquiry students will visit Siena Park to observe living things and how they behave. Other ways students will explore how living things survive will be through media (images, videos, websites) as well as print material. This inquiry will lead students to appreciate the world around them and understand the importance of caring for the environment by taking responsible action.

Our Central idea:

The characteristics of living things help them survive in their environment.

Lines of inquiry

  • Basic needs of living things
  • Physical and behavioural characteristics of animals
  • How an environment is connected to an animal’s survival

Teacher questions

  • What are the basic needs of living things?
  • What are the physical and behavioural characteristics of animals?
  • How do animals survive in their environment?

Learner Profile

  • Inquirers
  • Communicators
  • Thinkers


  • Curiosity
  • Appreciation
  • Independence

Transdisciplinary Links

Chinese, Drama

Language – reading non-fiction texts, communicating to entertain & persuade

Celebration of Learning

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The recent ‘Celebration of Learning’ was a culmination and reflection of all the successful learning the Year 2 students explored in the ‘How we express ourselves’ unit of inquiry.

Having investigated different celebrations, students undertook a personal inquiry and prepared a non-fiction poster to demonstrate their learning. A focus on communication skills enabled the students to deliver these presentations as confident speakers.

By working with teachers across the curriculum for Music, Drama, Visual Arts and Chinese, the Year 2 students expressed themselves through dance, drumming, songs and artwork. The final assembly was a culmination of Chinese celebrations and a fitting way to end the exhibition.

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in the unit, from those parents who were part of the initial mother tongue session, to the teachers who worked with us through our ongoing inquiry into celebrations around the world.