How we express ourselves

Celebration of Learning

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The recent ‘Celebration of Learning’ was a culmination and reflection of all the successful learning the Year 2 students explored in the ‘How we express ourselves’ unit of inquiry.

Having investigated different celebrations, students undertook a personal inquiry and prepared a non-fiction poster to demonstrate their learning. A focus on communication skills enabled the students to deliver these presentations as confident speakers.

By working with teachers across the curriculum for Music, Drama, Visual Arts and Chinese, the Year 2 students expressed themselves through dance, drumming, songs and artwork. The final assembly was a culmination of Chinese celebrations and a fitting way to end the exhibition.

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in the unit, from those parents who were part of the initial mother tongue session, to the teachers who worked with us through our ongoing inquiry into celebrations around the world.


How we express ourselves – Celebrations unit of inquiry

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Our Central Idea:

Celebrations are a significant reflection of cultures and beliefs.

Lines of Inquiry

  •   The reasons people celebrate 
  •   Ways people celebrate 
  •   Themes reflected through celebrations

Teacher Questions 

  •    Why do people celebrate?
  •    How do we celebrate?
  •    What are the themes reflected through celebrations

Learner Profile

  •   Communicator
  •   Open-minded


  •   Creativity
  •   Confidence
  •   Respect

Transdisciplinary Links

Visual Art, Drama, Music

Language- reading non-fiction texts, communicating to inform