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Zones of Regulation

Posted by jasonboon

Zones of Regulation

As we are sure many of you already heard from your children and from the Parent Information Fair, within our Who We Are unit we have been inquiring the Zones of Regulation.

The important thing to note is that there is no ‘bad zone’, during each day children and adults will probably go in and out of all of the zones at some point and we help the students understand that this is ok.

The problem with being in some of the zones is that it doesn’t feel very nice to be in them. As such, we are trying to develop and build the students ability to recognize what zone they are in, if it’s a nice zone to be in, what has ‘triggered’ them to go into that zone and what strategies they can use from their toolkit to get back into the Green Zone. As the unit continues the students will also be developing their understanding of how other people feel when they are in a zone, and what choices they can make to try and change how they and other people are feeling.