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Year 2 Update

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It is hard to believe that the end of term has arrived. It seems like yesterday that we were welcoming our Year 2 students into our classrooms! Term 1 has been a busy one and looking back we realise how much the students have achieved. They have built positive relationships with each other, worked cooperatively together to solve problems and developed new understandings of themselves as a learner. Your support as parents has been invaluable as you continue to work with your child to support their learning at home through regular reading practice and Chinese homework. We are very grateful to those of you who have been supporting us in school by assisting us in our classrooms and most recently on our Science Museum field trip.

Reading and Writing

The Year 2 students will not bring home fluency books during the holidays but the break is the perfect time to reread the books you have at home. We are sure many students will be pleasantly surprised that they can now read their favourite story books by themselves. Why not organise a book swap over the holidays with friends. If you are staying in Hong Kong, it is the perfect opportunity to explore one of the many libraries. Of course, there are the numerous online resources offered by the DC library through DING! Whether you are in HK or travelling during the break DING is available for your child to continue their reading practice. Students can easily access these book sites once they have logged into DING…

      Big Universe

      Pebble Go

      Oxford Owl (username and password – dckids2)

      Tumble Book Library

It is important for students to keep practicing their writing during the holiday break. Why not keep a holiday diary? It doesn’t matter if you are traveling or not, this is a great way for your child to write about their authentic experiences. You can take photos or they can draw pictures to match the sentences. Keeping a record of their activities is always a fun way to share their adventures with family and friends.

How we express ourselves – Celebrations unit of inquiry

We are beginning our new unit of inquiry when we return to school in January 2018. To support student understanding for the ‘How we express ourselves’ unit, we would like to invite parents, of all languages, including English, to help the students explore and discuss the central idea and teacher questions in their mother tongue. This event will take place on Thursday 11 January starting at 8:45am. If you are able to join us please add your details here. We will provide further details at the start of next term for those parents who can take part.

The central idea for the inquiry will be:

Celebrations are a significant reflection of cultures and beliefs.

The teacher questions are…

  •    Why do people celebrate?
  •    How do we celebrate?
  •    What are the themes reflected through celebrations?

The Mother Tongue learning engagement has proven to be a valuable and powerful experience in the past as a way of assessing students’ prior knowledge and helping them make connections. We look forward to working with you to support this learning opportunity.

Enjoy the Holidays

Finally, we hope you have a relaxing holiday season and travel safely if venturing away from Hong Kong.