How the world works – Forces unit of inquiry

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Our Central Idea:

Forces act all around us and impact our daily lives.

Lines of Inquiry

  •   The types of forces
  •   Scientific investigation
  •   The effect of forces on our daily lives

Teacher Questions

  •   What are the types of forces?
  •   How scientists investigate forces?
  •   How do we use forces in our everyday life?

Learner Profile focus

  •   Inquirer
  •   Thinker


  •   Curiosity
  •   Confidence

This unit explores Forces and has a strong science focus. The main forces we focus on are;

– push/pull

– gravity & air resistance

– friction

– magnets

– buoyancy

Key vocabulary

start / stop

push / pull

fast / slow

motion / move / movement


float / sink

attract / repel


Transdisciplinary Links

Mathematics – measurement, number, data handling, problem-solving

Language- reading non-fiction texts, communicating to explain