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How the world works – Forces unit of inquiry

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Our Central Idea:

Forces act all around us and impact our daily lives.

Lines of Inquiry

  •   The types of forces
  •   Scientific investigation
  •   The effect of forces on our daily lives

Teacher Questions

  •   What are the types of forces?
  •   How scientists investigate forces?
  •   How do we use forces in our everyday life?

Learner Profile focus

  •   Inquirer
  •   Thinker


  •   Curiosity
  •   Confidence

This unit explores Forces and has a strong science focus. The main forces we focus on are;

– push/pull

– gravity & air resistance

– friction

– magnets

– buoyancy

Key vocabulary

start / stop

push / pull

fast / slow

motion / move / movement


float / sink

attract / repel


Transdisciplinary Links

Mathematics – measurement, number, data handling, problem-solving

Language- reading non-fiction texts, communicating to explain

Year 2 Update

Posted by year2

This week the Year 2 students have been busy thinking about some of the forces in our world as part of our new unit of inquiry ‘How the world works’. They have been involved in provocation activities designed to challenge them, prompt discussion and consider solutions. Through the use of images students have provided explanations to decide if the picture is FACT or FICTION and have had lots of fun talking about these real or unrealistic scenarios.

We have been thinking about scientists and introducing what we will do as scientists in this unit. This will include making observations, asking questions, making hypotheses (predictions), testing and conducting experiments, recording pictures and notes as well as drawing conclusions based on what we have learned.

To get us thinking more about forces we were involved in immersion activities focusing on PUSH and PULL forces. As you can see in the photos we tried many ways to test these forces by moving our bodies and objects in different ways using a range of materials.

Ways you can help at home

When opportunities arise, take some time to talk to your child or ask them questions about the forces they see in the world around them. When out for a bike or scooter ride, talk to your child about how they are making it move. What forces (push, pull) are they using? Is it easier going up or down hill? Why do they think so?  

Please refer to the ’HTWW’ section in the Units of inquiry tab for more details.


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