Systems and Communities

Posted by year2

Throughout the How we organise ourselves unit of inquiry we have been making connections to the systems in our communities. We have explored our most important needs and how these are met through the community we live in. As you can see in the photos below, during inquiry play students have created parts of the community, worked collaboratively to uncover the systems and participated in how these work. The Year 2 students have also been constructing and drawing communities then zooming into focus on the systems for different parts.

To support your child’s learning, please continue to explore your community and how the different parts meet the needs of the people who work and live there. Any time you get to  ‘zoom in’ on the systems can also help to build your child’s understanding. Discussing some of the questions below will help to further your child’s understanding:

What are the systems you have at home?

How are systems organised at your place of work?

What do you notice about the transportation, health, communication systems etc in your community?