How and why people in a community communicate and making connections

Posted by year2

The Year 2 students are exploring how and why people in a community communicate. Alongside our ongoing focus of basic sentence construction, we are considering audience and purpose (to inform, to entertain, etc.) as we write and draw to communicate a message. We have examined various texts in our environment (signs, symbols, letters, lists, books, etc.) to gather information. You can extend your child’s learning at home by discussing the purpose and audience of texts you encounter and read together. For example these could be: posters at bus stops/shops, flyers and magazines you receive in the post, notes around the home or signs in your apartment block.

When reading, students are learning to make connections between the text and their own lives or another text they have read. This is a strategy which helps readers use their prior knowledge and experiences to better understand the characters or plot of a story. Please read the Parent Pipeline: Use Prior Knowledge to Connect with Text for more information about this strategy and how to help your child practise using it at home.