Community Engagement with Year 9 Students

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Community Engagement with Year 9 students

All our Year 1 classes have been very fortunate to have many Year 9 students join us from 8am three mornings a week as part of their Community Engagement.

In the IB Middle Years Programme students explore the nature of various communities, their needs and how to take principled action to serve a need in the community.

The students have been leading various small group activities to support current Year 1 learning.


Welcome to the Year 1 Blog

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Welcome to the Year 1 Blog. During the course of the year we will be using this space to share information about the exciting learning taking place in Year 1. You will find new posts under all the tabs along the top of the blog.

We will send you an email when new information has been uploaded. We hope that this blog will be a useful tool for keeping you informed about life in Year 1 and also support regular conversations with your child about what they are doing in school.

Shared Play

Your child may have come home excited about ‘Shared Play’ in Year 1. This is often the highlight of the week for many children. Shared Play occurs two afternoons a week (Monday and Thursday), and involves all Year 1 classes opening their doors and other learning areas of the school such as our shared common area and outdoor spaces for an active and engaging afternoon! All learning engagements in Shared Play are purposefully planned to ensure all aspects of play are incorporated. This includes social cooperative play, manipulative and construction, dramatic play and role playing, and creative play. Engagements are planned to strengthen current classroom learning. Children have the opportunity to interact with new and old friends from other Year 1 classes and are developing the skills they need to expand their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive abilities.