How we organise ourselves

Community of Learners

Posted by neridakiprotich

This week we have begun our new Unit of Inquiry with the Central Idea ‘Communities thrive through the shared roles and responsibilities of its members’. We are aiming for the children to develop an understanding of the following big ideas surrounding a community of learners;

  • A community is a group of people working together towards the same goal
  • We have roles and responsibilities (to self, others and our learning environment) as part of a learning community.
  • Learners carry out routines to help them function as a member of a community.
  • Learners know how they participate effectively as part of the learning community.

As you are aware we started our week with the provocation of the teachers not in the classrooms, being replaced by the Leadership Team in order to determine what understanding children had of their roles and responsibilities in the classroom. Each class teacher set up several ipads around the room to record the action that was taken. We were then able to view this with the class several times to observe what choices were made and who took on the various roles and responsibilities in the room when the teachers were not there.

As a follow up, children drew and wrote about what they did when the teachers were absent. This has been a great start to discussions about roles and responsibilities in our learning communities.

Please click on the below photos for an enlarged view of the work.