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Numbers are everywhere!

Posted by neridakiprotich

In Year 1, we are developing an understanding of the numbers around us. In class, we have been enjoying a range of learning engagements related to counting and number awareness. Being able to differentiate between numbers and letters is a starting point, and we have also been practicing carefully counting numbers out-loud, forwards and backwards.

Some of the other things we have been working on in class:

  • counting to determine the number of objects in a set
  • reading and writing whole numbers (the initial focus is 0 to 20 with students being challenged as required)
  • ordering numbers
  • counting objects using one to one correspondence
  • bigger and smaller
  • careful counting
  • subitising: the ability to immediately know the number items in a small set without counting

Ways to support your child at home:

  • Noticing numbers and talking about numbers that they see
  • Practicing estimation  “How many apples do you think are in the bowl?” or “How many people do you think are in this room?”
  • Careful counting of objects around the house, encouraging your child to touch or move objects as they count them, and say the numbers out loud.
  • Paying attention to the pronunciation of numbers from 13-19.  Sometimes children confuse the ending sound of numbers such as thirTEEN and thirTY
  • Asking questions that compare quantities “Do you think there are more or this or that?”