Who we are

The Student Council consists of two elected student representatives from each year level across Years 5-13. Our role is to represent all Discovery College students in terms of wellbeing. We meet regularly to discuss a range of topics that relate to student needs and school improvement. The Student Council has been instrumental in establishing, amongst other things, the Student-run CCAs and Cultural Stories. We are also responsible for allocating an annual PTA grant for student-led initiatives, and we coordinate the Cafeteria Advisory Group.

Student Council Bios

Year 5


Ava McKee

I am from Hong Kong and I am very proud to have the opportunity to be elected as a Student Council representative for our fabulous school. I have been a student at Discovery College since 2010. I am very passionate about animals and I have always been fascinated by science. When I’m older, I’d like to combine these two interests by becoming a veterinarian. I love to play sports and I enjoy the competitive spirit. I am motivated to make the 2015-16 school year a great success for all students at Discovery College. My goal is to give students an opportunity to speak up.


Trent Rossouw

I like to play all sports, however soccer and rugby are my favorites. I was born in Hong Kong but my family is from South Africa so I consider both places home. I ran for Student Council because I would like to improve my responsibility and leadership skills. I am looking forward to helping improve the school and giving back for my learning. I am also looking forward to being part of some of the decision-making and working with different staff of DC.

Year 6


Amelia Klocek

I am one of the Year 6 representatives on the Student Council. I love dancing and drama, I have lived in Discovery Bay my whole life and I speak/learn 4 languages. My main languages are English and Polish. Then I started learning Chinese, and now French. I think being a member of the Student Council will give me a great opportunity to finish off primary on a good note and help find solutions to make DC an even better place.

James Ward

James Ward

I am 10 years old and am the Year 5 rep on the Student Council. I live in DB. I went  for the role of Student Council because I heard that you get to ask people what they wanted for the school and take action about it. I have been a class captain twice and that was very fun. I have not gone for the house captain yet but will in the near future. I hope that I can make lots of people happy with the things that I help make people happy with the things I do.

Year 7


Ann-Marie Whiley

I am always looking for any leadership position that I can take part in. Along with leadership, I love to play many sports and play the guitar. My friends say one word to explain me is, different, not because of how I act, it’s how I think. I have learned to use that to my advantages, and I hope I can use it to bring some valuable ideas to the Student Council.  


Matthew Cheung

I am from Australia and Mauritius. I felt I wanted to take on a responsible leadership role that would make my learning understanding in DC more collaborative and fun. I enjoy helping others come up with ideas, committing to sports teams and always trying my best in everything I participate in. I want to be able to develop confidence skills on the way to the end of this experience and further when working collaboratively with older students. I would like to help others project their voice throughout the whole school and speak for the year levels in DC and hopefully make fun happen throughout the year for everyone.

Year 8


Stephanie Hung

I have been at Discovery College since Year 1 making this my 8th year at Discovery College. I am from Hong Kong and have been living here since I was born. I enjoy art, reading, playing badminton and music. I have never had a leadership role at school before and I wanted to try something new and develop my leadership skills. I hope to work with the other members of the Student Council to make Discovery College even better.


Samira Salwan

It is a great privilege to be part of Student Council this year. I understand that being on the Student Council is an important role. I consider myself a global citizen and I have so far lived in HK, India, UK and US. I have been in DC since Year 7 and although I understand that this is a relatively short period of time, I believe that this could be an advantage. This is because I have seen other schools and I can help implement some of the good ideas that I have seen previously. I hope that I can help DC grow in many positive ways.

Year 9


Priscilla Khoo

I was born in Malaysia but I have been living in Hong Kong for almost 13 years. I love to dance, play the guitar, travel but mostly, spend time with my family and friends. I have been in Discovery College since Year 1, so being a student from the very beginning has given me the opportunity to be more familiar with the school’s environment, structure and programmes. I’ve always wanted to be a member of the Student Council because I believe I have many ideas to put forward to make improvements for the school and to hear out all students’ opinions to make the school a better learning environment. I look forward to working with my fellow students in the Student Council to create a better social and learning lifestyle, here in Discovery College.


Ryan Krysinski

I am a twelve year old American who has lived in Hong Kong for the past three years. I greatly enjoy history, world affairs and science along with swimming and hiking. I joined the Student Council in order to both create useful and beneficial changes and additions to the school and to use the Student Council as a bridge between the students and school leadership.

Year 10


Sophie Whalley

I was born in Hong Kong and have lived in Discovery Bay my whole life. I also enjoy playing tennis, baking and spending time with my friends and family. I see my role as Student Council Representative as being a facilitator to improve the wellbeing of students in a positive way. I am very open-minded and I would like to hear feedback on school related issues and ideas for improvement so that I can raise these matters, on behalf of my year, with the Student Council. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the Discovery College community in this role and represent Year 10.


Jerry Lin

I have been in DC since it opened, when I was in Year 3. I am good at mathematics, and enjoy music and sports, and I am currently in the cross-country team. I was a member of the Student Council previously in Year 6, making this my second time. Hopefully through being a member there are new chances for me to build my leadership and communication skills and establish a stronger connection with the student body and the school itself. I will also look forward to improving the school to be a better environment for everyone.

Year 11


Julia Klocek

I’m representing Year 11 on the Student Council this year. It is my second year in a row to be on the Student Council and I am extremely excited. I love to dance and spend time with my family and friends. I am very passionate in what I do and can do many things if I put my mind to it. My goal is to really deliver this year and focus on all the little problems that my year group has brought up, and not only one the bigger issues. I enjoy developing my leadership and organization skills, especially with the current Student Council members.


Aashman Vyas

I am from India, and joined Discovery College in Year 3 after moving to Hong Kong. Some of my interests and hobbies include playing badminton, guitar, reading, and spending time with family and friends. Last year on the student council, another member and I created videos to make students aware of the student support systems available in the school – This year, I hope to do something different and extend the contributions the Student Council makes to the school. I look forward to fresh and exciting developments to learning and quality of life at Discovery College, and hope that I can continue working in the best interests of the student body.

Year 12


Susan Park

I feel very honoured to have been elected as a Student Council representative for my year group this year. As now I am a Diploma student, I ran for this position in hopes to make the remaining time here in DC memorable and convenient for my cohort, as well as for the years below and above. I am very excited to work and collaborate with representatives across the year groups, and hope that my role here can provide support for the students, and positive change to the school. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, drawing, and watching movies.


 Joseph Cheung

After being in Discovery College for more than 5 years, the school has shaped a significant portion of who I am today. Moving up to the Diploma this year, I definitely feel strongly about my responsibilities as a senior student, and am very excited to have the opportunity to represent my fellow students. A major factor that motivated me to pursue this position is the large impact that environment has on my own learning experience, and I’d like to find ways to further improve this for students. Outside of the Student Council, I enjoy a range of activities from Ultimate Frisbee to finding new bands to rock out to.

Year 13


Chantel Woo

I am a Hong Kong-born Singaporean who loves working with people, whether it be taking action on the Student Council, singing and dancing with fellow musical theatre actors or collaborating on resolutions during Model United Nations conferences. Now in my eighth and final year at Discovery College, I wish to work with the Student Council to introduce more avenues for students to have a direct impact on their individual experience at DC, as well as improve the communication between the student body and the Council. It has been an honour to serve on the Council for now my fourth term, and I look forward to contributing to a fruitful year.


Chris Dann

I am 18 years old and am half British and half Filipino. I am in my sixth and final year now in Discovery College and this is my second consecutive term on the Student Council. In my final year on the council and in the college, I really hope to continue exploring new ways to improve the school for every student from Year 1 to Year 13, whether that is tangibly with new amenities or intangibly with the improvement of student learning in the classroom. Within school I am involved in various activities, from the newly founded Law Society with Mr Kirk, to serving on Model United Nations cabinet. Outside of school I also have an array of interests, from football and music to history and politics, and I plan to study the latter two at university.