Changes ahead in the cafeteria

Posted by Student Council

After sending out a survey to the entire school asking students about their opinion on different aspects of the school, some aspects of the cafeteria were identified. Chartwells, the catering company in charge of food at Discovery College, sent out a survey specifically about the cafeteria and food services. Since then, the Cafeteria Advisory Group has been working with Mr Romano and Chartwells to try and address some of the concerns or questions raised by students.

The first step was to speak with Mr Romano. We raised some of the major themes that emerged from the survey. These included the quality of the food, variety and speed of service, high prices and lack of food variety and choices.

In total, 390 students completed the Chartwells survey, which represents a 25% response rate. Compared to most other ESF Schools, which receive around a 10-12% response rate, this was quite successful. The survey showed that the most successful aspect of the school cafeteria was the portion size, with 50% of participants rating it as excellent. The weakest category was choice, with 72% of participants deeming it as fair or poor.

Finally, a meeting was held with the Cafeteria Advisory Group, Mr. Romano and two representatives from Chartwells. We talked about the needs for improvements and what the students wanted. Chartwells was very receptive to the feedback and agreed to make some changes for Term 3, including:

Chartwells will do a joint promotion with Green Monday to promote vegetarian eating in the school
There will be more promotions on theme days such as having theme snacks
A review of the Discovery Deli’s daily offer will be done with Chartwells’ development chef

Chartwells will offer a few more snack options at lower prices to increase choices, some examples being:

  • Roasted potato with spinach – $12
  • Vegetable stick – $15
  • Homemade potato cake – $12
  • Mini baked pasta – $12

Chartwells has agreed to bring in their development chef once to twice per month to train the DC onsite chef in ways to further improve the quality of food

Chartwells has two composter machines for helping to manage the school’s waste. The Student Advisory Group will decide on a location for the two composters and consider in what ways the compost could be used around the school

With this, we hope you will start seeing some changes, but more importability, be aware of them and the fact that you initiated them.

Cafeteria Advisory Group
Julia Klocek (Year 10), Deninis Law (Year 9), Krijn Toor (Year 7) & William Nolan (Year 11)