Improving learning for us all

Posted by Student Council

Thank you to all the students who responded to the Student Council Survey sent out before the Christmas break. As members of the Student Wellbeing sub-committee, your responses gave a great deal of valuable information as to how student welfare can be improved with regards to student learning, international mindedness, student support systems, use of student counsellors, and more.

One question in the survey was “How do you think the approaches to learning can be improved?” This generated a large number of responses, the strongest two being:

  1. Greater student input into the choice of topics (109 people); and
  2. Activities that cater for a range of learning styles (106 people).

These were backed up by many comments around having topics that were of interest to the students, engaged us in the classroom, and were supported by activities that were relevant, fun, and catered for the different types of learners we all are.

Your responses also emphasised how important you felt it was to understand your progress and how you could become better engaged in the classroom. Although most of you agreed that three-way conferences were beneficial, these occasions are only held twice a year, and many of you expressed a desire to find more opportunities for greater feedback from teachers on a more regular basis.

We held a meeting with Mr McCann, Mr Gan, Mr Kai Fong and Mr Beach to discuss your responses and a commitment was made to continue to see how learning could be improved. Further meetings will involve highlighting these concerns and how the Student Council can continue to support this. Watch out for further postings.

Saya Kawano (Y13) and Christopher Dann (Y12)