Welcome to the new Study Space

Posted by Student Council

The results from recent school-wide survey sent out in December 2014 showed an overwhelming need for study spaces, particularly from students currently in the MYP Programme. Student feedback reflected that the library does not meet the needs of students who need quiet spaces to do their work, and that students are currently not aware of any other appropriate spaces for use during lunch breaks.

The ‘Homework Club’, run by a group of dedicated teachers and the Learning Development Team, has been ongoing for many months. Open to students every lunchtime, the Homework Club was a space where students could go to do their work in a quiet environment and receive help from supervising teachers. It soon became clear to the Student Council that, for one reason or another, many students were not utilising this even though it was meeting a similar need.

Members of the Student Council then met with Mr Beach, Mrs Garnett and Ms Hameggblom to see how the Homework Club could be publicised/operated even more effectively.

Now renamed as simply the Study Space, this supervised space will emulate the system in the Diploma Centre for Diploma students. To cater for a variety of different tasks, the Study Space will have two areas – one for individual work, and one for group work. The first room will be a quiet environment where students can study without disruption, and the second room will allow for discussion and collaboration.

The supervised Study Space is available to all secondary students, in Rooms 3202 and 3207. Bring your lunch along and get to work!

Chantel Woo (Year 12)