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The final week

Posted by frankdonnoli

This week sees two extra rehearsals coming up to the performance week. Our regular rehearsal went very well and everyone seems to be on top of it including, actors, dancers, costume, makeup, sound, sets etc. There are a few tickets left on the closing night but I’d say they will go quickly.

Exciting times.



The final week approaches

Posted by frankdonnoli

A very successful and promising rehearsal gave everyone involved a boost of confidence. Props and set were being painted and assembled, dancers used the stage to map out spacing, and the costume and make up crews were busy fine tuning.
Tickets will go on sale very soon so keep your eye on “The Explorer”

As it comes together

Posted by frankdonnoli

The blog entries will become shorter and shorter as the moment of truth quickly approaches as everyone shifts into top gear at this very busy time. A brief talk about attitude and application seems to have had an affect the actors and dancers as crew were painting, building and organising. The costumes and make up designs are on track and slowly but surely it is coming together.

Paint and Props

Posted by frankdonnoli

With 4 weeks to go before opening night, the many people that have working behind the scenes are emerging with a variety of props and set pieces. These creative and industrious people have provided items which will add detail and believability to the script being acted out by the actors and the dancers bringing life to the stage. The make up and costume crews are getting very close to finalising the look and feel of the show through helping create each individual character. Frames are being built for the set and lighting is being designed. It’s all getting close now.