Monthly Archives: February 2017

Pick up the pace

Posted by frankdonnoli

As the weeks heading towards the production slip away, the intensity of the rehearsals grows. More and more is being asked of all involved both students and adults. The set builders, costume, make up, props, lighting, dancers, actors and all those supporting this huge event working behind the scenes. This week saw most of the dance instructors fall ill which caused us to cancel the dance rehearsal but I’m sure that with some extra effort they will be back on track next week.

Creating energy

Posted by frankdonnoli

Creating energy was the basic theme for this week’s rehearsal. Memorising lines or dance steps is not quite enough so the cast was asked to think about how their scenes could be made to look alive through the way their characters related to others. The dancers began work on a new piece of choreography which is an addition to the main dance and the make up and costume crew continued developing designs and establishing a style for each character. The lighting and sound crew continue to design different scenes and the set design is now complete. Slowly but surely things are beginning to come together.

Post CNY triumph

Posted by frankdonnoli

Due to CNY, 3 Way Conferences and the like, we were unable to have rehearsals for three consecutive Tuesday afternoons which created some concerns regarding momentum, remembering lines and moves. Those concerns were unfounded as the cast and crew did not miss a beat and continued as if the rehearsals hadn’t stopped. It was obvious that everyone had applied themselves during the break to maintain the standard and expectations that had been set and accepted. Very impressive. It can only get better.