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And the show goes on.

Posted by frankdonnoli

It’s always a challenge to keep the momentum going after the Christmas break however the whole cast and crew persisted with enthusiasm. The actors were tasked with developing some character traits whilst the dancers were progressing in leaps and bounds (ha ha). Meanwhile a very large number of secondary students showed up to be part of the costume and make up crews. Very impressive! We also saw Carla Acepcion, our Theatre Tech, discretely taking notes.



Happy New Year Mr. Toad

Posted by frankdonnoli

The first rehearsal for 2017 went a lot smoother than expected. Some bleary eyes and jet lagged faces persisted with memorising lines and attempts at injecting energy into characters. The costume and make up crews were busily researching ideas and sorting clothes racks and the dancers were practicing some amazing moves and choreography.

There were a number of students who did not attend school and therefore missed the first rehearsal, which was disappointing for the team, however I’m sure we will be able to make up ground next week.