International Day of Peace

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international day of peaceAs International Day of Peace, held annually on September 21st, nears check out the Global Peace Index 2013.  Produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace, this index shows that since 2008, 110 countries have become less peaceful, while 48 have improved their peace score. There was more violence within nations than between them, and $9.46 trillion was spent in 2012 containing violence worldwide, equal to 11% of the Gross World Product.  The website includes an interactive peace map that allows you to explore the state of peace around the world, compare levels of peace between countries and view the world according to each of the 22 indicators that make up the Global Peace Index. Under the News tab there are links to news, videos and research.

Addressing Air Pollution through Art

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Our OwnedPictured here is the winner of this year’s “The Open Photo Contest” hosted by WYNG Masters Award.   This year’s contest had the theme of Air, with entrants required to portray Hong Kong’s air pollution situation in their creations.   In doing so, the event can increase public awareness about the issue of air pollution, and will then hopefully do something about it, such as urge the Government to improve Hong Kong’s air quality.

How could you hold a similar event to increase awareness about an issue of public concern?  In what way could  you adapt this competition and incorporate it into your CAS / C&S Programme?

Sports Volunteering courses

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ESF CoachAre you interested in sports?  Are you keen to expand your knowledge about sports coaching?  There is an opportunity for senior students to take part in Sports Leadership and Sports Volunteering courses with ESF Educational Services.    These courses are accredited with Sports Leaders UK, and full details on them can be found at  The course will initially only be open to Year 11-13 students, and we will need a number of students to enroll for the course to be held (so get your friends to join!).  Dates are to be confirmed.   If you are interested, please email


DC Unicef Club – a call for members

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UniceflogoThe DC Unicef club are commencing their actions for the current school year, and a looking for interested students to join.

There are only 10 available space for Unicef Club, and you have to be in Yr 11-13 if you wish to join
Unicef Club basically focuses on any local or global issues that connects to child rights. From that we create and plan events upon these issues.
Remember the Unicef Club requires your 100% dedication and commitment !
Email if you would like to join.

Pay It Forward!

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A new volunteer group will be starting up at DC, with the aim of getting DC students involved in direct service in the local community.  It provides students with a great opportunity to assist others in our society.

The ‘Pay it forward” Volunteer group will be up and running from the 23rd of Sept for all secondary students.  Students will help organize and volunteer in community services together in different settings e.g. children services, elderly services, rehabilitation services etc. Meetings will be held for this group every Monday during lunch time.

If you are interested in being a volunteer please indicate your attendance online by clicking on this link below or contact our school social worker Harriet via e-mail

Pay it Forward

Plastic Free Seas Project

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Local NGO Plastic Free Seas is looking for students who are passionate about the environment and are willing to commit to their efforts.

A key part of this (potential) CAS project is to conduct a scientific experiment.  The experiment will research the effect of long-term exposure in sea water on various plastic (waste) items.   The idea would be to take a sample of different types of plastic items (bags, cups, straws, cutlery, toys, packaging) made from biodegradable, recycled, degradable, ‘normal’, foamed, PET, LDPE, HDPE, PS,  and bio plastic, take baseline data, and then put the plastics in a sturdy cage.  The cage will then be anchored at a suitable point that has a constant water flow and minimal expose to direct sunlight.  The items will then be observed at various stages over a long period of time.

plasticfreeseaslogoIn addition to the experiment, the project will involve other tasks to support the aims of Plastic Free Seas, a Hong Kong-based NGO aiming to reduce plastic litter in our marine environment.   This will include promoting events and news in social media, assisting with updating websites, recording other data, and assisting in events initiated by Plastic Free Seas.

This opportunity is open to a very small group of Diploma students who are willing to commit over an extended period of time.  Email/see Mr Muir if you are interested

Plastic Free Seas Youth Conference

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plasticfreeseaslogoWe are looking for four students from Years 10-12 to design a submission for the Plastic Free Seas Youth Conference.  This conference will host 100 students from over 25 local and international Hong Kong secondary schools, and will be held at the Science & Technology Park in Shatin from November 21st -23rd 2013.

Keen to Represent DC?

Those DC students selected need to devise a proposal on a plastic reduction related project and submit this prior to the conference.  Proposals can be either in digital format, essay form or a piece of art and will need to be submitted by October 11th, 2013.  Those four students selected will need to have a dedicated interest in environmental actions.

To get involved, you need to form a group of four students from Year 10 or 11.  The get together to develop your plan, and submit your plan using this form.   We will then select one group to represent the school, with the criteria being:

  1. How innovative your plan is
  2. How easy your plan is to implement
  3. How realistic your plan is
  4. How effective your plan will be

The winning group will be announced after the October break.

The Conference

This proposal will then be presented during the conference.  In addition to this, acclaimed international and local speakers as well as a HK Government representative have been invited to present to conference participants on a broad range of topics associated with plastic pollution, personal motivation, campaign building and public engagement.

The goal of the conference is for students to gain a good understanding of the wide-reaching effects of plastic pollution, to be empowered with the knowledge and skills necessary to organize and execute a project within their school or community and be ambassadors within their school for raising awareness on plastic waste issues.

During the conference students will identify an environmental need within their school or community and formulate an action project for this.  Throughout the conference they will learn from experts how to plan and execute their project for maximum effect and will be supported with their goals.

Organisers of the event is Plastic Free Seas, a Hong Kong-based NGO committed to reducing plastic pollution, raising awareness and mobilizing individuals, schools and communities to do what we can to make Hong Kong a more sustainable place to live.

Want to be an Environmental Leader in the ESF forum?

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RCHK Year 13 student Kevin Cheung, the Chair of the ESF Student Environment Forum, is looking for two students to represent DC in the ESF student environmental forum.   This is a fantastic opportunity for students to get involved in directing ESF schools to becoming more environmentally friendly, and would provide those involved with great experience in this inter-school initiative.

Those chosen to represent DC will be expected to be active participants at once per term meetings to achieve the committee’s goals and facilitate ESF-wide strategy.

We would like to have one student from our middle school and one senior school student to represent DC.  Naturally, those who apply would need to be enthusiastic about environmental sustainability.  Keen to get involved?  Complete this application form before Friday September 6th.

CAS / C&S Idea – Fisheries Conversation

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Without urgent attention, we could be the last generation that catches food from the oceans.  Fish stocks around the globe are being depleted by never seen before consumption, consumption that is not sustainable.    According to Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan “the marine environment is facing challenges that, if not addressed immediately and effectively, will have profound implications for sustainable development.”

msc labelWhat could you do to address this issue as a part of your CAS / C&S programme?  Develop a plan that aims to increase awareness about the issue; educate people about their seafood-consumption habits; advocate for people to only eat seafood that comes from well-managed fisheries – such as those listed in this document from World Wildlife Fund Hong Kong – wwfhk_seafood_guide

Feeding Hong Kong Bread Run

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Feeding HK logoHelp Feeding Hong Kong bridge the gap between hunger and food waste by helping them collect fresh bread and sandwiches from shops across Hong Kong at closing time.

The Bread Run engages individual and pairs of volunteers in the nightly collection of surplus fresh bread. Each bread runner visits 1-2 stores at closing time to pick up the surplus and then delivers the items to a designated FHK drop-off point.  All bread run donations are redistributed via the FHK charity network the same night or first thing the following morning.

There are three ways you could get involved in Feeding HKs Bread Run –
1. Become a weekly FHK volunteer
2. Join the FHK monthly Bread Run
3. Host a dedicated Bread Run for a group of volunteers

For more details, visit the bread run website.